Who do you prefer? Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

Posted by: SnaxAttack

These two Presidential Nominees have been the leading front of the Presidential Campaign, so far; but who do you prefer? Annoying and ton of hate Hillary Clinton, or aggressive and loudmouth Donald Trump?

  • Hillary Clinton

  • Donald Trump

42% 46 votes
58% 64 votes
  • i think trump just likes the spotlight

  • youd have to be a complete idiot to vote for Trump over Hillary

  • Trump™ should stay in as long as possible. The guy is the joke that you can't stop laughing at.

    Posted by: TBR
  • I don't really like Hillary's ideologies, But i hate Trump's ideologies and i would never choose him to be resident willingly.

  • She's sane!

  • I would choose Hillary Clinton because she is a woman and because Donald Trump is a joke. The best he would do as president is have his kids surround him while he whined about how hard life is and he fires people who don't bring him good coffee. While Hillary Clinton knows what it takes to be president. Her husband was president wasn't he? She knows what it takes to be a good president.

  • the reason i would choose hillary clinton is because we need a change from always having men president's and donald trump is just a lazy peace of crap. Also sometimes he even fires people for no apparent reason. Whilst hillary would be a great president because she doesn't just fire people for no reason and she can make her own cup of coffee. I really hope you people understand that donald trump is lazy sac of dirt.

  • I would pick Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump because Donald Trump does not do research on the topics he debates about, he wings it. The reason he does this is because he is so rich he dosn't need a campain. But thats the problem with him. People are deluded by his money. He is a good businessmen, but not politition. But what is a good polition? What i'm trying to say is that even though i don't support hillarys democrat views, I think trump insults the other canidates and other countrys as well as bieng rasict.

  • She is very experienced and knows what it takes to be a leader. TRUMP is a noise maker. Please tell TRUMP that No Nation can survive alone. Any Nation who think it can survive alone is sleeping to a great revolution. Even if a madman come out to contest, he will surely get a vote from fellow madmen so don't mind TRUMP followers

  • Hillary Clinton has done what no woman has done before ru for president and Donald trump is a butthole

  • Ok I have to say that both candidates are bad but if I had to pick a side, I would go with Clinton for a few reasons, even though I don't consider myself a feminist. Personally, she doesn't have as vulgar/hateful ideas as Trump, but I can still see why people hate her. I'm against Trump because like others have previously said, he has little political experience and he discrimites against almost anyone that isn't a white Christian with no disabilities. Myself, I am a Chinese American and I know that ALL minorities will suffer to some degree if he gains power.

  • Hillary Clinton has more experience and more reasoning. Notice that Trump gives NO explanation on how he's going to make 'America Great Again'. Also, how is America so flawed that people are so desperate to vote for Trump? Every time he says his slogan, he's insulting all of America! I REALLY don't get why anyone would vote for Trump...

  • I would rather have Hillary Clinton as the president of the USA than Donald Trump. Even though I currently live in Norway, this debate has drawn so much attention in the media and in other countries such as Norway. I hope to move to the states few years from now and would therefor have as a president a person I know can protect my rights as a woman of color and I just don´t think Donald Trump is that person. If we look at the current situation we see that Trump has been accused of serious matters such as rape and assaulting women. Trump supporters may say its only propaganda and set up, and til this day I agreed because we never had any actual evidence but few days ago there was found a voice tape where Trump is clearly talking inappropriately. It´s such things that makes me frustrated about how individuals in the society can´t point a finger at the issue. I understand people find Donald Trump interesting and unique because he says what comes to his mind, but theres a line of moral he has crossed several times. I´ve asked myself what Trump means with ´´Make America great again´´. Reading much history I can't seem to figure out which time period he´s referring to. Is it the great depression? Maybe even the world war when most weapons were produced by the United States but thousands of people killed. The current situation in the US is better, theres less hatred between the citizens, technology has made the everyday easier and we have much more freedom. So instead of making America the same as it was for fifty years ago we should rather focus on improving the current issues, and that won´t entirely work with Trump as a president. Not only because his determined to make America the same as it was in the past, but also because he can't get along with any other leader who's not a women or a person of color which is hard when the majority of world leaders are of color or/and a woman. With that said, I really hope people take time to reconsider who they´ll vote for. Once again this is only my point of view as a 16 year old girl from Norway.

  • Just like Hillary said how can we trust a man that get's mad so easy to control nuclear weapons? And how can we trust a man who loss $900,000,000 to a company in 1995. You are crazy if you vote for him!!!

  • Contrary to the popular belief, Hillary Clinton is actually more honest than Trump (http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/lists/people/comparing-hillary-clinton-donald-trump-truth-o-met/). In addition, Clinton is also more experienced in politics than Trump (https://graphiq-stories.graphiq.com/stories/5015/ranking-every-2016-candidate-by-experience#Intro). Finally, Clinton is more mature and less blunt than Trump. (http://www.freep.com/story/opinion/editorials/2016/10/30/free-press-endorsement-hillary-clinton-accomplished-mature-choice/92890252/). So overall, Clinton is a better choice, even if she isn't perfect.

    Posted by: zhaod
  • If it came down to these two, I would have to pick Donald Trump, following my ideology of Republicans, over Hillary Clinton, because of disliking her ideologies.

  • Trump would probably make America a good place for a lot of people (not everyone), compared to Hilary who would attempt to make America a good place for every single person but would fail miserably.

  • Honestly, I'd much rather have someone else than either of these. But If I had to choose one of these, Trump ftw.

  • I hate to say it but I would rather vote Donald then Hillary.

  • I agree with PatriotPerson; neither of these are good choices. But if it came down to these two, I'd go with Trump.

  • Hillary is a sociolist (unlike her husband) and Donald Trump will bring real order back to America and the World.

  • I dont think the rest of the world truly appreciates how insane we could be

  • I haven't seen a breath of fresh air like this since Ronald Reagan. (TRUMP 2016)

    Posted by: mmlj
  • Voting for Hillary Clinton is like voting for Brian Williams. She lied about the EXACT same thing as he did, and she did it a lot more recently. The woman couldn't even handle two different email accounts. She's never actually accomplished ANYTHING during her tenure in the government. She's not qualified and has absolutely no integrity.

  • Hillary is dishonest and has proven that she is willing to engage in illegal activity (dumping her email during an investigation/probe) to cover her wrongdoings. We wont even get into the Bengazi disaster. While i am not saying that Trump is a Saint-I must admit he comes across as far more honest and COMPETENT than Hillary does. Not to mention he is far more qualified to deal with the Economics of this country. So if these are my only options than Trump gets my vote.

  • I personally don't like him. But if I had to make a choice I would choose trump because he will get done what needs to get done. Clinto. Would just wait till the new president came to fix her problems.

  • i whold have to go with Donald trump because if you where to vote for a woman think about it women are less competitive and also what if she makes a world war 3 because of her mistakes. or what if she is just a bad president to start with or if she might decide to kill all the Isis people along with half the state. and trumps is just a better person he may lie he may have said some rely stupid shit but i whold an will vote for a true american.

  • Think of Benghazi..;

  • At least we can know what Donald Trump truly feels. If we vote for Hillary everything we ever hear will be lies and two faced mockery of us as a nation.

  • Semi-Anti-war, semi-socially liberal, businessman, writer, actor/comedian, maybe with his foul-mouth and low-life style. compare to Warmongering, semi-socially liberal, life-long politician, life-long liar, wall street lover and long lists of scandal? well count me in for the Donald

  • trump all the way. aint bought off and can save our economy and speaks common sense on all our problems. killary for prison

    Posted by: jaymes
  • Donald Trump has had well over 200 businesses with only 4 "failures", one of the highest success rates for someone with the number of his ventures, especially given that 8/10 business fail within the first 5 months. He is not a globalist/corporate puppet like Hillary Clinton. Special interests have no effect on him, for he does not need their money.

  • I will not choose Hillary Clinton just because she is a woman. We need a person who has a record of success. Hillary always had took advantage of her political or government positions to even avoid jail. The Clintons became rich because they always work with the government and didn't really created their wealth because they are smart but because they are crooked and took advantage of their positions in government. Donald Trump is a who he is on his own credits. He is not a Politian but a winner and he will make America to be a winner again. I am Hispanic and I am for Trump. I am a legal immigrant and I am for Trump.

  • I may not like either candidates, but Trump is actually the best one to pick from. He's a businessman, he's straight to the point, and he at least has some sort of personality. Now Hillary over there is basically worse than Trump since I've seen nothing but garbage spew from her mouth and she pretty much attracts an arseload of feminists, which I sure as hell will not tolerate.

  • Clinton is a corrupt, crooked, and lying candidate. Sure, Trump has his flaws, but he hasn't been under FBI surveillance before.

  • Because He is better than Hillary

  • Donald Trump isn't a murderer. Hillary is a ugly retarded IDIOT who pays the government millions of dollars to kill innocent people. If you vote Hillary you're a f*cking idiot

  • He is more patriotic,Christian,and will save us

    Posted by: Aazz
  • I believe the country needs a change and it needs more strict laws. I think it has been too lenient too long and we need help changing it back to a more Christian country. I am 63 and this is the first time I have ever voted because I never thought it mattered but I want change. I want drugs to be non existent in this country and I want people punished more for murder and crime. If Donald does not get in or if he does not change things if he does I will never vote again.

  • I am racist and a bigot for supporting trump. By that ideology you are a murderer a liar a crooked lawyer and a hypocrite. Im not saying donald trump is our savior or in any way the right man for the job. What i am saying is that killary deserves to be behind bars. She should not have even got that close to becoming our president. She has ruined the name of Monica Lewinsky to save her own. Got four americans killed in benghazi. Leaked classified documents compromising national security, and lied about all of the. Not only was she publicly shamed by obama in 2008 but then controversly endorsed by him in 2016. He called her unfit and the least qualified in the country to become the president in 2008 but in 2016 she is the smartest and most qualified. Although the FBI affirmed that she was stupid and didnt know that the files where classified although that is the first thing that you read. I could keep going but i think i proved my point.

  • i love him

    Posted by: ikikik
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triangle.128k says2015-07-15T23:25:58.2142376-05:00
One more 2016 poll and i'll go insane..
Texas14 says2015-07-16T00:14:15.2240266-05:00
Please give me another option like Gary Johnson.
triangle.128k says2015-07-16T00:18:02.1377921-05:00
Gary Johnson should really run in either the Democrat or Republican party if he actually wants a shot at being president.
TBR says2015-07-16T10:04:30.8875254-05:00
@Texas14 - You are a very sane conservative (libertarian) from what I can glean. You, like many others, must come to grips with the fact that your party has gone far-far away.
Renegader says2015-07-16T14:19:35.5880928-05:00
Gary Johnson 2016 lol
evielovesrocknroll says2015-07-17T06:38:59.4016635-05:00
I don't know that much about Donald Trump, but truthfully I think I would trust him more than I could EVER trust Hillary.
SirMaximus says2016-05-30T01:16:55.1259675Z
Gary Johnson is my pick.

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