• Israel

  • Palestine

71% 24 votes
29% 10 votes
  • The only democracy in the middle east.... or sharia supporting militants? I am going with Israel.

  • They were there first, according to the Bible.

  • Palestine fired first. But the Israelites have a missile defense system I see probable cause for retaliation.

  • Hamas has been shooting missiles at them. They are just defending themselves.

  • Self defence is an essential right of any sovereign nation

  • Of Course.

  • I'd never, ever side with any of Israel's enemies.. for any reason. The Jews are G-d's Chosen People forever and ever.

  • self defense should not be frowned upon

    Posted by: tlat
  • More Then 4000 ROCKETS were thrown from the hamas at Israel in only 3 years. It's 4 Rockets per day, With only 15 Seconds To Save yourself, your children, and everything that important for you. 4 Times a day. More Then 1000 Days. Support Israel and Stop it.

  • Intifada!

  • People who say that Israel is acting in self defense are misinformed. it is like saying that america was acting in self Defense by slaughtering the native american population, the attacks on the ANC or Englands multiple invasions of Scotland were self defense. Were they attacked, yes, does it come in a cycle of violence and complicated politics, also yes. Israel has violated the 1967 boundaries time and time again, have intentionally separated Palestinian groups, have instituted an apartheid system with roads and other privaleges, have constricted water rights and broken pipelines, have been bombing palestine for years, have refused to release palestinian representitives, have essentially created internment camps, deny palestinian refugees the ability to live in Israel, have not negotiated with Palestine and have killed hundreds of palestinians. to date, no Israelis have been killed. The argument that Israel were attacked first in this case is completely irrelevant, as there have been attacks going on for years. additionally, Israel's 'self defense' is like trying to kill a fly with a sledgehammer, their response is completely disproportionate.

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debate_power says2014-07-21T12:17:08.1154555-05:00
I'm going with whatever side any of you can convince me to side with.
LibertarianJames says2014-07-21T12:20:46.8498077-05:00
No one. Secularism in the M.E is the way to go.
ArcTImes says2014-07-21T12:25:17.0690097-05:00
The idea is not christian vs mulims but Israel vs Palestine. We need peace there, no more war.
Atheist-Independent says2014-07-21T13:02:59.6066045-05:00
Honestly, no side is good, however if you take into fact how long Jews have been oppressed you have to side with them out of pity.
ArcTImes says2014-07-21T14:05:46.9997621-05:00
The poll reminded me of this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3by9FoEFB8
briantheliberal says2014-07-21T14:27:43.1827033-05:00
Mishapqueen, you cannot be THAT uneducated and ignorant.
texans14 says2014-07-21T14:32:43.4248466-05:00
Briantheliberal, the Jews of Israel were there first. Judaism is over 5,000 years old. Islam (which is the main religion of Palestinians) is only a little more than 1,400 years old.
briantheliberal says2014-07-21T14:45:22.1766377-05:00
Texas14, WRONG, please put down your Bible and read some actual history. The European Jews that exist today are NOT the same Jews that lived in what we know as Israel today. The Palestinians *were* Jews at one point, in fact, most of the Middle East were Jews until Islam become more common in the region. The Palestinians were there first, therefore I choose that side.
laura.hines says2014-07-21T15:41:35.4507133-05:00
I would like to be educated more before i vote... Im sooo confused
PreferNotToBeLabeled says2014-07-21T17:53:34.5568290-05:00
I'm pretty sure the main race in Israel is Hebrew which is the most common and original Jewish ethnicity. The Hebrew race were the Jews in the Bible. I don't know that much of middle eastern and bible history, but I have to side with mishapqueen on this.
Stalin_Mario says2014-07-21T18:41:27.5793306-05:00
Though I disagree with both sides, one side does embrace science and progression, while the other side doesn't and does quite the opposite. This is one major reason why Israel wins all of these wars, and this is one major reason why I would go on their side.
WillRiley says2014-07-21T20:24:52.1373945-05:00
Palestine is a terrorist-dominated "state" that wants the State of Israel, our (as in USA's) closest ally in the Middle East, to just, stop existing apparently. The Palestinian groups that Israel is fighting against are violent and Islamic extremists. The reason civilians are being killed is because the terrorist groups locate their missile firing stations in highly populated areas so that they can get maximum civilian casualties on their side, just so they can blame it on the Israelis. Anyone who is supporting the extremist Palestinians against the more progressive and western Israelis should be ashamed.

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