Who do you support for President of the United States between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?

Posted by: NewLifeChristian

Would you rather have a federal law-violating, criminal win the presidency . . . Or an experienced and successful businessman who refuses to be bought by corporations?

  • Hillary Clinton

  • Donald Trump

47% 20 votes
53% 23 votes
  • Both would be horrible presidents. In the end, I chose the less insane of the two.

  • Both of them are not my ideal choice, but if I had to pick, I would choose the one who is more reasonable: Hillary.

  • It's poison or a gunshot. At least with the poison there might be an antidote.

    Posted by: JoshM
  • Donald Trump has years of experience in business and negotiating, unlike Clinton who's got years of experience in breaking federal laws.

  • trump is the sexiest man in the world so thats why i will vote for him

  • Go Trump. I want a president who will finally do something.

  • Okay… JUST SAY'N.. Hillary is a liar. A BIG LIAR! If she's our president I might have to hide underground. Hey. Just my opinion! She let terrorists attack, she didn't do ANYTHING!!! She lied about it the next day, and said something along the lines of, "It doesn't matter." Donald Trump is really funny. People take the things offensive he says, but really it's the way you say it, not what you say, which is the situation with Donald. I can talk about this FOOOOOOOOORRREEVVVEEERRRR to get you on the side of Trump, but you can just let an American killer be a president of the U.S. One last thing: Trump wants to build a wall. Ha ha. Remember? President of Mexico: We aren't paying for a **** wall!" Trump: "Now i'm going to make it ten feet higher with a pretty little door!" HA HA HA HA. Mexico is dangerous. That's why Donald wants to PROTECT us. From DANGER. Hillary didn't say anything about protecting our country, did she? Anyways… Hope I convinced ya!

  • Hillary Clinton would make an awful first female president. She is a liar, and says that she is for the poor people, but the funny thing is that she has about $250 million dollars. Yet, she is always saying how awful the rich people are. So maybe she is right, she is an awful person after all..... (Joking I don't believe her "plea" about the poor people) most of them just want "free" stuff that isn't actually free. Then they complain about how much college costs, even though they can get a job in high school, go to community college, get a loan, or better yet try studying to get a scholarship.

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Galacticat says2016-02-24T16:05:50.9381077Z
I support me.
ladiesman says2016-02-25T01:40:46.5324119Z
Between the two, Hillary has more political experience. In Trump's occupation, he can tell someone to do something and they'll do it. But democracy doesn't work like that.
Heterodox says2016-02-25T04:41:26.1115427Z
Neither. They both suck. But I would say at least with Trump you are cutting out the political middleman doing the bidding of the corporate elite and just going straight to the elite that wants to screw you over for their own gains. Does that change anything? Nope. Will still get fucked.
Fernyx says2016-02-25T15:40:39.4971776Z
Both are disgusting.
trickedout101 says2016-02-25T23:57:40.6451665Z
People say Donald trump is a racist but he's not he wants what's best for this country
SirMaximus says2016-05-30T01:07:31.8843570Z
I despise both of them. I would vote for Gary Johnson.

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