Who do you support in the Syrian Civil War?

Which side of the Syrian Civil War do you sympathize with the most: the Assad Regime or the Syrian Rebels?

  • The Assad Regime

  • The Syrian Rebels

60% 12 votes
40% 8 votes
  • Anyone over radical islamists.

  • I picked this not because I think Assad is right for what he is doing but for what the country of Syria could be with a government run by the Syrian rebels. The Syrian rebels have sworn allegiance to al Qaeda . These are that same people that behead, torture and force Christian and Muslim people from their own homes. If you truly think that the Syrian people are looking for democracy , you are wrong they are out for spilling the blood of more of their own people and promoting radical Islamic views across the entire area. These rebels are the same people whom have terrorized our country for over a decade. If we send troops and bomb Assad and destroy his government we will be fighting alongside our own enemies. Then when Assad is out the country will be ran by terrorist and who knows what damage this could bring.

  • Well, isn't this about them wanting Democracy? Democracy is good good - Snoop Dawg There, bammo! Rebels win! Dropping the 'ole Democracy card!

  • I'd take anarchism over authoritarianism any day.

  • Assad is their leader however he used chemical weapons on peaceful protestors.

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