Who do you support in the Ukraine crisis?

Posted by: Conservative101

By this, I am referring to the conflict between Government and Pro-Russian forces.

  • The Ukrainian Government

  • Pro-Russian Separatists

80% 20 votes
20% 5 votes
  • Oh yeah let's support a group of terrorists who just shot down a civilian plane with some Americans on board (sarcasm of course).

  • I support the elected civilian Ukrainian government to keep the territorial integrity of the nation even against Russian aggression. There needs to be open dialogue between both sides in this conflict with a possibility of compromises and concessions such as more autonomy for the eastern region of Ukraine.

  • Why does Russia usually rush to protect sovereignty of states despite despotism, tyranny and genocide while it happens to align with its political goals but is happy to let the Ukraine's sovereignty be violated by its own military (even if they are just holidaying in a war zone with all their equipment)? Ukraine allying with both the EU and with Russia could have been a force for peace in the world and strengthened both blocs but it unfortunately conflicted with the irrational Russian nationalistic ideology.

    Posted by: cpbm
  • Russia has a poor economy and if Ukraine joins them so will they.

  • As there is a treaty to protect the sovreignty of the ukraine and the ukrainians ousted the pro-russian government it is a clear answer to support the ukraine

    Posted by: bobert
  • Leave Ukraine alone!

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debate_power says2014-07-30T17:50:26.2913915-05:00
"Russian agression". (Laughs softly)
debate_power says2014-07-30T17:50:35.3237915-05:00
debate_power says2014-07-30T17:51:28.5278903-05:00
Find proof that the Russians shot or helped shoot the plane down, and then talk to me.

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