Who do you think will win the presidential election?

Posted by: Diqiucun_Cunmin

This is not who you will vote for, but who you think will win.

  • Debatability/Thett3

  • Bsh1/Zaradi

0% No votes
100% 8 votes
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  • I think it will be close, but Liz announced that she would be running too late, while there was ample time for bsh1 to develop and discuss his platform. YYW's post may have convinced some to bsh1's side as well (his attack at Liz is not favourable for bsh, but bsh made it very clear that YYW made the post, not him). bsh's side also has a more detailed platform, and he does give the impression that he'll do more than Liz for the site (which isn't to say that Liz won't do much).

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reece says2015-06-02T21:32:06.6955222-05:00
Where do you go to vote?
BblackkBbirdd says2015-06-03T12:01:34.2415096-05:00
They won't let you vote, you only have one forum post

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