• Rand Paul

  • Hillary Rodham Clinton

67% 12 votes
33% 6 votes
  • I like my constitutional rights.

  • I trust someone who will fight the fed and the NSA vs someone who will fight me on guns and get Americans killed overseas.

  • Rand seems like he genuinely believes in and understands what he is promoting. Clinton seems like she is saying whatever people want to hear, promising the earth and has no true morals, ethics or conviction how to make it happen or pay for it.

  • God put man over woman, it's in the Bible. I am not, however, a male supremacist.

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Gibby97 says2015-04-19T17:58:58.0479800-05:00
Mitt Romney
TBR says2015-04-21T12:11:22.2140881-05:00
Pro-lifeConservative - Yes you are.

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