Who has burden of proof?

Posted by: blackkid

How do BOP-(it) worked?

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Whomever makes a claim has to prove that claim.

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Booplidoop Do Wa!

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I don't want it!

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Whomever is declared to have BOP has BOP.

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Whomever wants BOP gets to have it.

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It depends on my feelings.

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FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-05-19T12:58:47.9754212-05:00
How about "Whichever person cares more about changing the other persons view." A person who doesn't care feels no burden.
BblackkBbirdd says2015-05-19T13:07:34.9210703-05:00
Most people making a claim do so to change other people's views. If you don't care about changing other people's views you probably wont make a claim.
AndyHood says2015-05-19T13:09:56.0114678-05:00
There is an even stronger assumed BOP in existential claims... For instance aliens on earth, faeries at the bottom of my garden or sky-daddies who love slavery, torture and genocide.
PinValentine says2015-05-19T18:17:30.2459501-05:00
I wouldn't say the BOP falls on whoever cares more. Some one claims; "Chapstick is bad for you." The second person might respond with, "I don't believe that." Who is BOP on? The one who made the claim, not the one who doesn't believe the claim.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-05-20T15:06:12.2541083-05:00
You should still be doing your due diligence to disprove a false statement ... Whether the burden is implicit or whatever. People make blanket statements like that all the time. They aren't automatically disproved by saying "you didn't provide good sources etc. The statement is still out there, still able to do damage as a lie until you (the person who cares to snuff it out) bears that burden and disproves it. It's a little dog-eat-dog, but I think thats what it takes for truth to be told. Also I dont think you can come to support a rivals claim by default, just because the first guy failed BOP. No BOP proven is a tie as far as im concerned. The burden is on both.

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