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minny says2015-02-04T20:05:46.2234324-06:00
Well, liberals have generally been more active in social movements such as racial integration, gay rights, anti-war demonstrations, etc
Leo.Messi says2015-02-05T07:04:42.8206840-06:00
We are talkin about improvments... Look at reagan-the dream conservative vs obama the dream liberal. Http://www.Bizzyblog.Com/wp-images/ConsumerConfidenceReaganVsObama.Png http://thinkprogress.Org/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/pubsecjobs-first55mos-wvo.Jpg https://raymondpronk.Files.Wordpress.Com/2012/07/reagan-vs-obama-october-11.Gif?W=544 Economy was exellent under Reagan, and (as we all know) is poor under obama. Morality improved under Reagan, Debt was WAY down under Reagan- http://upload.Wikimedia.Org/wikipedia/commons/b/b8/US_Federal_Debt_as_Percent_of_GDP_by_President.Jpg Overall I really think that conservatism has improved this country more than liberalism. Sure liberalism has helped in some ways-but in economy, I will take conservatism.
Madtomflint says2015-02-05T07:09:44.5869100-06:00
I agree that Reagan did a lot more to improve America than any Liberal I can think of, but the question wasn't about Reagan specifically. For the most part, there isn't much difference between the actions of Democrats and Republicans, just their rhetoric.
briantheliberal says2015-02-05T13:53:31.6115131-06:00
Liberals promote and encourage social, political and economic progress for ALL people in society. Conservatives only care about improving the lives of people who are already privileged to begin with, that is what their politics are designed to do.
Madtomflint says2015-02-05T17:31:17.5652090-06:00
Liberals promote and encourage poverty out of a misguided sense of fairness and call it progress. In order to be "progressive" you have to look ahead, but Liberals always fail to see the consequences of their social programs.
basils says2015-02-05T18:33:56.5107655-06:00
Clinton actually did more than Reagan...
Madtomflint says2015-02-05T18:36:14.1206738-06:00
Did more? Or did more to improve the country?

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