Who is best pick for being Tomoya Okazaki's significant other?

Posted by: DreamSymphony00

The anime is Clannad ( With the sequel/second season called Clannad After Story)

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Nagisa Furukawa

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Nagisa lacks self-confidence, and twice loses the close relationships she's built due to her poor health, which necessitates her repetition of her final high school year. She has a great fondness for the Great Dango Family, as well as for anpan, a sweet bean bread. Nagisa has a funny habit of saying the name of her favorite food when she is nervous, so if she doesn't act nervous then, she will reward herself with the food later on.


Kotomi Ichinose

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An exceptionally talented student, she rarely attends classes, preferring to study alone in the library. The work of her deceased parents, who were well-known scientists, makes her the focus of the gentleman, her godfather and a colleague of her parents. Kotomi enjoys playing the violin; however, it is one area where her talents are limited.


Fuko Ibuki

0 votes

Fuko spends all her time carving wooden starfish, which she gives to people as presents to encourage them to attend her sister's wedding.


Tomoyo Sakagami

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Tomoyo is a silver-haired transfer student. She is depicted as being violent, and is often rumored to be the leader of a delinquent gang. She tends to overlook social niceties, and does not show Tomoya his due respect as her senior.


Ryou Fujibayashi

0 votes

Is the younger of the Fujibayashi twins. She is extremely shy, but does her best in her role as her class representative. Her main hobby is fortune-telling, although her success at it tends to be very limited.


Kyou Fujibayashi

0 votes

She is the older of the purple-haired Fujibayashi twins. She is an aggressive girl who is also known as a good cook, and owns a pet boar named Botan.

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Dennybug says2014-04-19T05:30:22.5852433-05:00
Anyone who says Fuko is one sick piece of work
DreamSymphony00 says2014-04-19T11:23:06.6546053-05:00
@Dennybug: LOL, for sure!

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