Who Is Best Youtuber?

Posted by: LavaaeDivilia

Try to tell your opinion on three youtubers I put and one for I don't know.

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Other ((Put))

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Overnight says2016-11-29T22:05:17.7669205Z
What?!?!?! Where is JusReign?????
imabench says2016-11-30T00:20:51.7459571Z
Jackscepticeye and PewDiePie should also be on here
Black-Jesus says2016-11-30T02:00:27.5358632Z
Never even heard of any of these people
ButterCatX says2016-11-30T11:17:27.5364926Z
reece says2016-11-30T11:34:09.4269702Z
@ButterCatX He's a pretty cool dude.
BlargArgNarg says2016-11-30T14:36:15.5445537Z
All of these choices are horrible.
nasastromoxcom says2016-11-30T15:07:59.2108644Z
What is Youtubers
Letsuana says2016-12-05T20:34:02.4421416Z
While there are many great Youtubers, I personally like Markiplier. His content isn't family friendly but he's selfless and really cares about his fanbase. His charity livestreams have raised thousands of dollars. If I had to pick one not on the list, I would go with Rhett and Link. Their show Good Mythical Morning is family friendly and enjoyed by everyone in my family. They post videos every weekday plus a behind the scenes video every Saturday and I love their 'Will it (food)' episodes.
Professor_X_2005 says2016-12-22T22:28:33.0457895Z
172737475767 says2017-02-03T01:07:15.9860543Z
Shane dawson
emuncey says2017-02-16T23:38:28.4364041Z
Jenny Mustard.
gamestar says2018-05-29T16:57:25.3881730Z
Team Edge

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