• Adolf Hitler

  • Donald J Trump

27% 9 votes
73% 24 votes
  • Trump has done nothing yet, other than inadvertently torpedo a trade deal. Hitler, while instituting the systemic murder of Jews and minorities was still a great leader. He united the Germans. His country overcame the punitive terms of the treaty of Paris and created made the Reich a force to be reckoned with

  • While I do not agree with what Hitler did he was a very good leader, he was just morally repulsing.

  • Trump has done nothing. He has not been in a position of power that could show his leadership skills at the present, therefore he should not be considered one. Adolf Hitler, on the other hand. would have gone down as the best chancellor that Germany has ever had if he had not been so morally repulsive. Hitler was a military mastermind, resurrected an almost completely exhausted economy, and was charismatic to his citizens. Though his actions were obviously wrong, his proficiency as a leader cannot be ignored, especially when juxtaposed with an American business man who has not been in a position to show his "skills".

  • ma boi adolf did great stuff for my race

  • I'm no Nazi, and Hitler's morals disgust me like nothing else, but he has actually accomplished things.

  • If you even insist Trump is as bad as a man who systematically killed 11 million people, then you are a sad person.

  • Donald Trump did no kill no one. Hitler gastified the Jews in a chamber of gasssssssssss

  • Trump was able to build a business empire that is a force to be reckoned with the world over.

  • I am annoyed with people who think Trump is similar to Hitler. Hitler was a fascist, while trump is not. trump is not going to create a holocaust. Comparing him to Hitler is like comparing a grenade to a nuclear bomb. He want's LESS government, while Hitler wanted more. BTW I am not a trump supporter. I dislike both candidates.

  • Trump is just a dumb person. Hitler was a monster.

  • What kind of poll is this? It's one thing to say you don't like someone, but it's another thing to compare that person to the worst cold blooded sociopath killer in human history.

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Knaveslayer99 says2016-11-16T01:57:31.4783950Z
@fishhunter61 The number is a lot larger than 11 Million it's more or less around the 30-40 Millions.
Soccerfan8172 says2016-11-16T13:47:26.4246650Z
Actually, Hitler only Killed 6-7 Million. It was Stalin who killed 30-40 Million of his own people by starving them.
Mharman says2016-11-29T14:11:31.6866392Z
Ya know what's interesting about that? Stalin was communist!
fishhunter61 says2016-11-30T02:02:39.1851071Z
@Knaveslayer99, I know, however I was only referring to the holocaust, hence the systematically part.
SamanthatheConservative says2016-12-08T02:49:49.8960314Z
Lmfao! Is this another Trump bashing libtard poll ? Lol!

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