Who is better:Ferrari or Corvette

Posted by: crushboy79

These sports cars are some of the best ever built, but which is better?

Poll closed on 10/30/2014 at 3:00AM.
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The Italia is better than the stingray

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Corvette zo6 is better than Laferrari

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Vyppaaa11 says2014-10-23T14:30:24.4770721-05:00
This comparison is moronic, you are comparing an $80K car Joe blow can walk into a dealership and order to a $1.4 million dollar car that will only have 499 produced. What's next? Comparing the One77 to a Shelby GT500?
crushboy79 says2014-10-24T12:21:33.0849932-05:00
Sure, why not? And it's not about price, bub, its about handling and better driving experience. Duh.

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