• Mario

  • Sonic

43% 20 votes
57% 26 votes
  • mario got a good adventure

  • I didn't really like the sonic's games or storyline, but mario on the other hand was an amazing game that you could play over and over again but it's storyline is boring as the same thing happens again & again.

  • Sonic is SO annoying.

  • Sonic is the copycat of Mario's saving the world from doom. Mario can save the entire galaxy from evil, while Sonic saves just a very small piece of it. Mario, YOU'RE THE BEST! #MARIOISTHEBO$$

  • Mario has been proven to have incredible strength and durability. He can lift castles, throw dragons, and survive face plants into planets! While he's not as fast as Sonic, he can still avoid his petty attacks with EASE. He can dodge sound waves, energy beams, and even LIGHTNING. To top it all off, he's better than Sonic when it comes to technique. In SMRPG, it's proven that he has his own style of martial arts, aptly named "Mario Style Fighting". Sonic has NO distinct fighting style whatsoever, and relies too much on the Chaos Emeralds. Speaking of which, Mario's power ups EASILY trump Super Sonic. Lucky Cat Mario and Gold Mario would DECIMATE him. A bunch of Sonic fanboys claim that S. Sonic is invincible, but that's just a bold faced lie. He can still be damaged by bosses, and he can even DROWN. Lucky Cat Mario is completely invincible, and anything that touches him DIES. Honestly, if you think Sonic can beat Mario, you're either a complete Sonic fanboy, or you know NOTHING about Mario.

    Posted by: dpotus
  • Mario obviously has a much bigger franchise than Sonic the Hedgehog. Not only that, but Sonic is a copy of Mario. Think about it: Both are scrolling levels, they both collect coins/rings, and the storyline is similar. Sonic hasn't been keeping up with the Mario franchise. Do you see a "Super Sonic Galaxy"? A "Sonic Kart"? Perhaps a "Super Sonic Sunshine"? NO! Mario on the other hand is original, has a good storyline, and has a very catchy tune in some games. Mario is a lot more up-to date. Sonic may have some other cool games like "Sonic Colours", but haven't kept up with the Mario franchise. This is why Mario is more likeable. More games, more updated, and better quality.

    Posted by: Dawurx
  • At least Sonic doesn't abuse animals like Mario. Sonic saves a whole bunch of rabbits! But Mario.....Poor Goombas.

  • I just like this character better. Mario really is just a plumber who jumps and crashes his heads on blocks. Doesn't seem too appealing to me. Sonic has more greater things to know of. And Sonic's series is a lot more organized to discover. In my opinion, Mario is popular- cause it's a mascot of Nintendo.

  • Sonic is way cooler than mario

  • Mario is an evil psychotic greedy hypocrite.

  • Sonic has a much better premise. He has the power to run as fast as sound to defeat Dr. Eggman and his robot army to save the community he lives in. Mario goes through the classic medieval cliche. He goes on a journey to defeat the King and save the girl. Yawn.

  • 1) Sonic has an actual character and is much easier to relate to. 2) Sonic has achieved much more than Mario in the lore of both their games, comics (Sonic), a bad movie (Mario), and TV series. 3) Sonic can easily beat Mario in a fight, power-ups or no power-ups.

  • he has better games like sonic 1,2, and 3 and knuckles interesting characters etc big and elese

  • sonic has better and more complex and more detailed story Mario is "bowser kidnaps peach, Mario saves her

  • Sonic because He teaches us life lesson, Known more around the world and He Turn Hyper real Quick! He also has more Forms!

  • sonic is better than mario.

  • i just like Sonic because of the character and story

    Posted by: An13
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