• Superman

  • Batman

42% 13 votes
58% 18 votes
  • He is a boss, I play mortal combat VS d.c. universe and I always win when I'm batman. I don't think superman can beat him

    Posted by: jhv
  • He go hard he very smart has no real powers but created more stuff to captured

    Posted by: KDonut
  • Batman is who he is through hard work. Obviously he was born with very good hand eye coordination, and a high intelligence, and a lot of money, but if he didn't will himself to be Batman, he couldn't be. Superman was just born at the level where he is now.

  • he has kryptonite

  • Batman always wins

  • batman is a martial artist from the league of assassins has weapons, full gear & armor, kryptonite spear, bullets filled with kryptonite gas and everything(mind u this is from the injustice gods among us)

    Posted by: dedsec
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Dennybug says2014-05-16T14:07:07.0410249-05:00
Does this even have to be answered
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-05-16T14:08:45.7913056-05:00
No, Super Man would win in the blink of an eye.
MyDinosaurHands says2014-05-16T18:17:22.4259345-05:00
He would win in most circumstances, but the question is who is better?

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