Who is more corrupt, liberals, or conservatives?

Posted by: Sitara

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Sitara says2013-09-11T16:55:35.6122790-05:00
Conservatives are trying to take away a women's right to choose, conservatives try to police the world, conservative are trying to take away healthcare rights, conservatives are celebrating Trayvon's death, conservatives are all for freedom unless you disagree, conservatives care more about corporations than people, conservatives are against worker's rights, conservatives are the ones making disgusting rape comments, WBC is certainly not liberal, so you were saying? Oh, and conservatives are antigay.
Sitara says2013-09-11T16:56:17.3913812-05:00
And wommen CAN be antiwoman.
leojm says2013-09-11T17:04:54.8372242-05:00
Well let me tell you something. I'm not antiwoman. Plus we Conservatives lean towards God. That's what we live on. We are not antiwoman, we are just defending God's gift.
leojm says2013-09-11T17:05:56.8331922-05:00
Corrupt conservatives, is an oxymoron. It's like saying Jumbo Shrimp. Does not make sense. =)
Sitara says2013-09-11T17:07:43.7718818-05:00
Liberals can be for God too, hun, and corrupt conservatism is not oxymoronic. Anyone can be corrupt no matter what their position is politically.
Skeptikitten says2013-09-11T17:28:16.0101532-05:00
Conservatives try to enforce their particular ideology on a populace that doesn't share it- and their religion. That's a pretty anti-American sentiment. Statistically speaking there are more corrupt conservatives than liberals in politics. Not that politics of any sort is particularly free of corruption.
Sitara says2013-09-11T17:38:53.3649074-05:00
emospongebob527 says2013-09-11T17:46:44.1557733-05:00
I was thinking about constructing a full rebuttal to Sitara's original arguments but, I don't feel as if that would be worth my time.
Sitara says2013-09-11T17:48:03.0625965-05:00
Why? What did I do that was so bad? Why do you refuse to debate on a debate site?
emospongebob527 says2013-09-11T17:49:45.5104233-05:00
Your first post was filled with fallacies and straw-men and I don't feel the need to rebut something like that, especially when I'm busy enough as it is.
Sitara says2013-09-11T17:51:56.7901004-05:00
A ha. You have committed the fallacy fallacy. Just because I disagree with you does not mean that I am wrong or that I have committed fallacies. I am basing my contentions on pattern of conduct which is addmissable in a court of law.
Sitara says2013-09-11T17:54:43.5221083-05:00
Sitara says2013-09-11T17:55:09.3872399-05:00
So I have been reported on my own post.
emospongebob527 says2013-09-11T18:01:44.3910002-05:00
I have not committed the fallacy fallacy. And you right in saying, the mere fact that I disagree with you isn't good enough reason to believe that you are wrong. But, you are wrong and I happen to disagree with you, I'm not saying that you are wrong because I disagree with you. It would be a more accurate statement to say that I disagree with you because you are wrong.
Sitara says2013-09-11T18:07:18.2998214-05:00
I would love to know what i did wrong.
Sitara says2013-09-11T18:12:00.0052969-05:00
You sound really smart and I really do want to learn. Please?
Mikal says2013-09-11T18:20:28.7778240-05:00
Nothing is inherently corrupt, because corrupt is a perspective. There are a variety of ways in which you can ask this question with a better outcome. "Do conservatives offer a better solution to the economic problem we are facing", in a realistic way that is a proven fact. "Do conservatives tend to be religious and try to force beliefs on you", again that is a yes. You can gauge these with statistics and facts, saying they are inherently corrupt however is no more than a matter of perspective.
Sitara says2013-09-11T18:23:36.4506360-05:00
On it.
imabench says2013-09-11T20:36:03.3164125-05:00
Neither are corrupt.... Both can be quite f*cking stupid but corrupt isnt really something that applies to either party specifically.... Lol though at all the political hacks voting for the other party and trying to justify it....
Sitara says2013-09-11T20:41:38.2570005-05:00
Correct. Both can be a holes. I just have had a more horrible time with conservatives.
theargument says2013-09-12T13:11:25.6205143-05:00
Corruption is everywhere...
wn says2013-09-16T13:59:40.1878457-05:00
Greematthew says2013-09-17T14:40:24.7352133-05:00
Can we say both?
bostonmick1591 says2013-09-19T00:12:45.0182936-05:00
Corruption from a legal perspective effects both equally. As for morally corrupt I'd go with conservatives: they try and take away peoples civil rights, force Christianity down peoples throats and they think that if a woman wants to use contraception then she must be a whore. They also want to play world police militarily, but as Obama has proven not just conservatives want to do that.
CenturySio says2013-09-23T17:48:14.7461098-05:00
You know what makes this life so hard to live? Polls like this. I agree with Greematthew and wn. Humanity is corrupt! Liberals make conservatives corrupt. Conservatives make Liberals corrupt.
briantheliberal says2013-10-25T22:37:10.4100000-05:00
"We conservatives lean towards god" That is exactly why you are corrupt now.
yay842 says2013-10-25T22:38:29.1908348-05:00
Neither, conservatists and liberals should shake hands and make peace that neither of them is more corrupt
EndarkenedRationalist says2013-11-10T18:16:23.2913313-06:00
Where's the "both" button?
asparagus21 says2013-11-20T19:46:10.7223947-06:00
Ever heard of separation of church and state? A far right wing conservative obviously hasn't.
pudingisgood says2014-02-21T03:03:51.5186935-06:00
I love how a few ignorant liberals will claim that conservatives are "anti-women" or "anti-choice". Well guess what? That makes liberals anti-life. How can you claim that conservatives are anti-women when you support Bill Clinton? Then man who took advantage of a young innocent girl and his wife, while bringing shame to our country.
pudingisgood says2014-02-21T03:08:03.2964237-06:00
Conservatives are pro-choice, we believe the women have the right to chose whether they have sex before they are ready for a child. Women also have the right to choose whether or not they put the baby up for adoption. You can literally change the life of a couple forever by letting them adopt a new son or daughter, rather than just killing it. We also believe that women should have the right to choose whether or not they want to own a gun, and even carry it with them at all times for self protection.
Andyturner says2014-02-22T12:41:12.0402853-06:00
Liberals, they vote to take from hard workers and redistribute it out to the lazy.
Rightwing15 says2014-04-25T10:53:05.0569131-05:00
"Conservatives police the world" Hell yea they do, they protect the defenseless, we went to Afghanistan for a that purpose. To rid the world of tyrannical dictator and a ruthless terrorist leader. They don't celebrate Trayvons death, that was a tragedy which happened on accident. Also yes we support corporations, its called capitalism. The principles of capitalism is to make it so that you can work your way up from the bottom. No we aren't against workers rights thats ridiculous. Yes some are antigay but that is a belief and part of my 1st amendment right
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-04-25T10:54:24.5025087-05:00
Remember, you put that leader into power. :)
Rightwing15 says2014-04-25T11:25:27.4138115-05:00
Okay then why did a c130 globe master with all military ballots from camp Darby in germany disappear. Also why did the electronic ballot say obama when voters pressed Romney. Theres so many holes in the elections
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-04-25T11:26:31.4665131-05:00
Where did you hear these? Unbiased Sources please.
Rightwing15 says2014-04-25T11:28:55.7674115-05:00
My fathers ballot was on that plane. He was one of the hundreds of thousands of soldiers thats ballot wasn't cast.
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-04-25T11:32:53.7128702-05:00
Why didn't they count? Electoral College.
Rightwing15 says2014-04-25T11:35:49.0401463-05:00
All I'm saying is that there is a large portion of the vote gone. Our veterans should have their vote cast first because one they are the ones who lay their life on the line for us and two they are overseas and if something was to happen they would have time to revote. It may be spotty information i agree but if it did happen and it was the work of a saboteur then that would be grounds for impeachment
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-04-25T11:37:17.1025172-05:00
Obama didn't sabotage anything.. We should have our soldiers out of there, they are not their protecting us at all. We should dismantle the Electoral College.
Rightwing15 says2014-04-25T11:43:40.5849398-05:00
Where are you getting this they aren't protecting us at all. They went out into Afghanistan to stop a terrorist threat. My uncle died in a IED (improvised explosive device) explosion. He was protecting the people of Afghanistan from threats and from tyranny. Are you saying that they died pointlessly?
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-04-25T11:45:26.0819263-05:00
What was it Gandhi Said.. " You cannot solve the problems with the same mindset you started them with " , something like that. No, they didn't die pointlessly, but we are not helping anyone by staying there.
Rightwing15 says2014-04-25T11:45:42.7641398-05:00
Also i didn't say he did, what i am saying is maybe a liberal who wanted a president like obama did. Thats a more probable option
Rightwing15 says2014-04-25T11:46:56.2909373-05:00
Thats true but we went into hostile territory for that purpose. Now it is reconstruction and reanimation of order. We basically are helping them create a stable and functional government
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-04-25T11:49:02.0169786-05:00
Yea.. With soldiers and holding the people there at Gun point. We are still there trying to fix it with the same mindset we had before. No wonder there are so many " Terrorists ".
Rightwing15 says2014-04-25T16:44:42.7829963-05:00
In 1975 America pulled out of Vietnam. 6 months later the Vietcong reoccupied it and it became communist. That's why we're still in the Middle East. If we pull out we're gonna leave it wide open. We're training soldiers in the afghan army to fight hostiles and we're still fighting mini cells of terrorists over there. That's why we're there. Also where did you get the soldiers holding people at gunpoint? They do that as a last resort. Nobody goes out and says "I'm gonna go hold people at gunpoint" your statement is ridiculous .
Rightwing15 says2014-04-25T20:50:42.9540285-05:00
Sitaria, you say that conservatives are fascist. Benito Mousillini is a fascist dictator as was hitler. You realize that hitlers party was called the Nationalist working mans party. Nationalism is a Left Wing ideology. So how is fascism right wing when the ideology supporting it left wing?
NedStarkshead says2014-06-05T15:25:46.8944374-05:00
Republicans are the worst in every way they can't even be honest about these sexuallty
Rightwing15 says2014-06-07T16:00:16.1644824-05:00
Liberals are morally corrupt as well as ethically corrupt, they try to help everybody, I'm not saying that isn't a noble cause but while doing that they forget we are a capitalist country. The more you work the better off you are. The healthcare bill is a terrible idea because i am an american citizen and i cannot be forced to buy a product. It is like going to a market and then having a man make you pay to buy a product, its stupid. Also the gay rights movement is wrong because america has to learn when to draw the line, if we do not, we can be a pushover to everything, Republicans stand for whats right, we need to learn how to draw the line.
Rightwing15 says2014-06-28T21:11:09.6477077-05:00
Nedstarkshead. How can you say"Republicans are the worst in every way they can't even be honest about these sexuallty" this makes no sense. First off it's just awful grammar. Secondly I know I'm straight and I have proved it multiple times. So what if I don't support gay rights, boo hoo. That movement is a pandoras box in which when we open it we will have people see we are a pushover country and demand more freedoms. It's ethically corrupt
patrick967 says2014-06-29T08:30:47.6687475-05:00
Conservatives just hate on liberals more.
Rightwing15 says2014-06-29T12:59:10.2192933-05:00
@Patrick967, Saying that conservatives hate liberals more is a massive generalization that should never be said. You for one have no proof or evidence to back up what you are saying and two liberals have had many hate campaigns against conservative in the last year. To say that conservatives hate liberals more is wrong because each side has equal hate, but one (liberals) is more corrupt
Renegader says2014-07-13T18:41:07.9202919-05:00
All humans are corrupt
Rightwing15 says2014-07-18T11:32:07.9652228-05:00
Conservatives succumb to greed, liberals succumb to power
Unknown95 says2014-09-21T21:45:45.7051481-05:00
Both are corrupt equally don't kid yourself.
harrytruman says2016-01-31T20:11:48.5759448Z
They support planned parenthood, killing babies, disecting them, then selling their organs! EVIL SATANIC MORALLY INSANE SCUM OF SOCIETY HYPOCRITE BRAIN DEAD SOCIOPATH BAAL WORSHIPER BABOONS IDIOTS WITH NO BRAIN CELLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
harrytruman says2016-01-31T20:13:24.7680112Z
"Conservatives succumb to greed, liberals succumb to power." And who was worse, John D Rockefeller, or Joseph Stalin?
ModerateAmerican says2019-05-04T00:54:39.2462222Z
Now that is an unanswerable question and you know it, Thats like saying who is knowledgable, Conservatives or liberals, While liberals out-number conservatis on college campuses they are still quite retarded, Also we do not know your definition of corrupt, Do you mean ill-intentioned or against your view? This is a question I cannot truthfully answer.

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