• God: It's ALL part of his plan (what a f_cking noob)

  • Satan: The b@stard tricked Adam and Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge

52% 27 votes
48% 25 votes
  • I don't remember it being Satan in the bible who did that.... But aside from the fact that I only believe God exists, I don't think Satan exists. If only one of them in my opinion actually exists, it doesn't matter which is less evil as a concept. To be honest though, Old Testament God is probably more evil compared to Satan, look at how much pain he caused Adam and Eve for simple curiosity! New Testament God is better than Satan though. Although actually, I'm just appealing to the literalist mind sets. Even in Religious education classes at a marist school, we're taught to not take those sorts of stories literally, so I don't believe almost any of it as actually word for word accurate.

  • God has killed far greater number of people than Satan. Who only revealed the truth to Adam and Eve that they could eat the apple just fine. God being a childish moron is not a good reason to not eat the apple.

  • God has killed thousands of people in the Bible and Satan only killed 6, and on top of that, Satan actually asked God if he could do it as part of a bet, and God agreed to let him do it

  • Biblically he killed more people

  • Not that he is real but if he is all powerful he could poof Satan out of existence. so he could eliminate all evil in the beginning no?

    Posted by: Biss01
  • He took my pet dog whom was only half the average lifespan of a dog of his type and i raised him from a puppy. I thought of him as a son. I curse god and all his followers for what they did and how much pain they caused me. *flips off the clouds*

  • If these characters were real, I would suspect that god was the villain and had defeated Satan.

    Posted by: V5RED
  • XD honestly it is all a part of HIS plan ...satan just took advantage of the situation at hand the way that god knew he would ....simple . God wanted a good , long, complex story with a satisfying ending for him ..same as "wanting to play god" phrase is used...god plays that game. He is the one that set the world up for failure in a sense but also for growth (not necessarily his intention on the growth part) then he punished the two human beings to remain seeming righteous

  • God didn't very little in the Old Testament that wasn't clearly deserved by the one to be punished (the very little is mostly him allowing Satan to do stuff, as opposed to doing it himself). Conversely, God consistently demonstrates that he can just raise anybody from the death... so why are we putting God on trial here? Humanity cannot bring back that which die: humanity should be on trial. And humanity is being manipulated by Satan, therefore, Satan should be the one to be put on trial.

  • You mean the guy who is the personification of all things evil in the world. They say Satan is so hateful that he even hates himself.

  • He is literally evil. Like, that is what he is. Although his direct person did not kill so many, it is his persuasion that drives humans to do awful things. If you factor in all of the evils that humans have done and attribute them to the Devil's deceit, then you see his direct effect on humanity as a whole.

  • God is not evil. Saying he is evil is offensive, and the people who vote yes know nothing about God.

    Posted by: Bob13
  • God hasn't killed anyone, he just allows things to happen because it is all part of the experience of life. God gave us freedom and what is freedom (on earth) without a corrupt person not being able to kill (God would be controlling that person not to)?

    Posted by: P.M28
  • Satan creates evil. God killed people because of their horrific choices.

    Posted by: drew15
  • He is the reason for all of the death and suffering in the world. Anything bad that has every happened is because of him.

  • who ever asked this either hasnt read the bible or is just plain stupid . the fact that you even asked this question is depressing

  • satan is worse, God, S not bad.

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Roodvlees says2015-08-19T13:44:29.5580231Z
@Network of course if you let his fan club do the writing the're going to make it look good. But every dictator has followers who think his crimes where necessary.
Anonymous says2015-08-19T13:48:43.0376016Z
God and satan is the tree of evil, and eating from the tree, you cant just eat of the good side..
triangle.128k says2015-08-19T17:53:52.7876335Z
God and Satan are information. Information is not a thing, we can't cut open a brain and pour out information. God and Satan are imaginary, information is imaginary. God = satan = false = information = religion = imaginary
triangle.128k says2015-08-19T17:55:39.4800739Z
Reason + intent = morality = good = evil. Morality says god and satan are evil, evil = good, they are both good. God = satan = information = morality, christians use god for morality.
Network says2015-08-19T18:05:15.4427422Z
@Roodvlees you are making a cherry picking fallacy. You claim God did horrible things in the BIble, whereas the context of the divine intervention always mitigates the moral dilemma. Meanwhile, you are downplaying the crimes of Satan, which involves the Fall of Humankind, responsible for the death of all human beings to this day. And you would be hard-pressed to avoid the fallacy, given that making an argument about God without justifying it with the Bible is an exercise in futility.
Anonymous says2015-08-19T18:07:07.5450608Z
Love=religion=god im talking about, you cant love a girl, and not feel sad when you break up, eating from the tree is evil, becasue it results in evil
Network says2015-08-19T18:11:49.1424659Z
@imabench: In the event you are mentioning, Satan killed at least 10 people (possibly over an hundred). Asmodeus (who is generally considered to be the same entity) also killed 7 people in the book of Tobit, leading to a minimum of 17 deaths, or triple what you are claiming.
Anonymous says2015-08-19T18:36:54.2501824Z
The trick is, god is holy, not good, nature is good, health is good
Teaparty1 says2015-08-19T18:45:53.3393824Z
Anonymous says2015-08-19T18:48:19.1845489Z
Anonymous says2015-08-19T18:48:30.4166209Z
o0jeannie0o says2015-08-21T22:18:43.6249970Z
triangle.128k says2015-08-21T22:23:41.1003654Z
@jeannie He's a troll
Anonymous says2015-08-21T22:31:06.6889602Z
Im talking about religion..
o0jeannie0o says2015-08-21T22:31:54.1288643Z
No. No i was talking about EVERYONE in the comments!!
Anonymous says2015-08-21T22:38:15.0209059Z
Do you have a point?
o0jeannie0o says2015-08-21T22:45:35.0328103Z
Maybe, you guys are being nuts?
Anonymous says2015-08-21T22:52:33.9312117Z
Anonymous says2015-08-21T23:00:26.0264731Z
If i believed the nut inside the nutshell i am about to open to eat is good i might be a nut
Network says2015-08-22T19:12:43.2951935Z
Mostly because half the commenters are trolls, Roodvlees is a strawman, and I'm the guy pointing out a fallacy in a debate about religion (which are always full of fallacies). That pretty much sums up why the comments make no sense.
Anonymous says2015-08-22T19:17:55.6916886Z
We are talking about religion.. What choice is there
desmac says2015-09-07T16:16:51.0605544Z
As neither exist, a choice is impossible
Anonymous says2015-09-07T16:25:02.3524976Z
Lies exist
P.M28 says2015-09-15T17:10:54.2983977Z
God lets us die and accepts us in to heaven. The devil slowly and painfully corrupts and drags us in to hell.
unorthodoxthought says2015-09-24T06:55:45.2039971Z
God is only Good and the devil is only evil.
Anonymous says2015-09-24T14:08:38.4398728Z
God is in no way good, but only holy, and holy is evil, as i can not just eat from the good side of the fruit, as the tree is evil and holy

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