• Jesus Christ

  • Muhammad

86% 38 votes
14% 6 votes
  • I don't know much about Muhammed, I know a lot more about Jesus.

  • Jesus never conquered or set out to build an empire, he just set out to build a faith.

  • Jesus Christ is the incarnation of peace. He never harmed anyone or used physical violence to spread His message. His message, in fact, was all about peace, love, grace, compassion, and sacrifice. He respected women like no other in history. Muhammad was the opposite of Jesus. He murdered thousands to spread Islam. He married many wives (including his daughter in-law and a six year old, Aisha) and had countless concubines. He was a military strategist who valued violence and deception over peace and truth.

  • muhammad was most definitely not peaceful however we know so little of jesus's early years it's hard to say weather or not he was peaceful but just based on the bible about his limited life i'm gonna vote for jesus

  • I don't much about Muhammad, but there has never been a time that Jesus was not peaceful

  • Most definitely Christ 1st of all he never harmed anyone and secondly muHAMmad was a pedophile false prophet who encourages murder and other atrocities.

  • Its obviously Jesus, Muhammed was a hateful, violent, warmongering pedophile he: - owned slaves - married a six-year-old - stoned many - slaughtered many he was not peaceful at all

  • It really depends on how you think about it, both spread messages that resulted in violence, I think they were both peaceful but Muhammad understood that war can not always be avoided

    Posted by: kalem
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lightseeker says2016-10-22T07:46:32.3328760Z
They were both peaceful. Muhammad never started any battles, and treated even his enemies with kindness and mercy. The tribes in the land of Arabia, who were at each others throats for centuries, threw away their hostilities and accepted each other as brothers because of the teachings of Muhammad. The value of human, changed from one's wealth and power, to one's piety and good deeds. Women who were looked down upon before Muhammad, and girls who were buried alive to save their parents from the shame of them being captured, became God's blessings and people congratulated each other for the birth of their daughters. The same God who sent Jesus, sent Muhammad, and Muhammad (s) is the last Prophet. And as you know, God saves the best, for the last. You think Muhammad was not peaceful, because you're told that he wasn't, and not because you've actually read Islam's history. Just don't be a tool and a fool to satisfy others' benefits.
UtherPenguin says2016-10-22T14:35:06.0057126Z
What lightseeker said.
Rjupudi18 says2016-10-22T16:31:21.5203640Z
Those who voted that Muhammad was more peaceful than Jesus Christ, please tell us why.
JustVotingTiedDebates says2016-10-22T16:48:45.5102562Z
Both were equally peaceful.
Mrpresident16 says2016-10-23T03:57:27.8274594Z
No, they were not equally peaceful that is a false statement Muhammed was a pedophile and false prohpet not to be insulting but he was a pedophile his wife was 9 and he ordered honor killings and many other atrocious acts and called his followers to slaughter innocent Christians and jews over 354 times
Mrpresident16 says2016-11-04T01:40:19.8625383Z
Blasphemy to compare Jesus to Muhammad. Jesus is messiah and god MuHAMmad is pedofhile
gabethebabe says2017-08-31T20:19:25.3900319Z
I don't think pedophilia is considered violent or non peaceful no matter how wrong or right it is, but Jesus was also violent the same as Muhammad, Luke 22:35-36 here he tells his disciples to go buy a sword, people don't use weapons like a sword to spread a peaceful word, or how about in John 2:15 when Jesus whips the bankers to drive them out of the temple.

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