• Adolf Hitler

  • Stalin

5% 1 votes
95% 19 votes
  • The number of people killed by Stalin were EXTREMELY exaggerated. It was blown out of proportion by western media and anti communists. he probably killed less people than hitler

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Seido says2014-05-03T23:57:59.5148059-05:00
I don't really think that they were ever meant to be compared. They were both ridiculously brutal in their own right and caused disgusting amounts of harm to humanity.
Seido says2014-05-03T23:59:04.4056375-05:00
Let us not compare them, but recognize what they had done wrong to ensure that such tragedies never happen again.
debatefox says2014-05-04T00:01:24.0464059-05:00
Let us compare them just beacause i want to see what peoples opionion on this situation is so thank you for going all phycological on me when really this is just for fun and to see what people will put
Kc1999 says2014-05-04T08:08:01.5944989-05:00
@Actionsspeak: Stalin's Holodomor and other tragedies killed 5 times more people than the Holocaust allegedly did.
guntherstauffenberg says2014-05-04T13:13:50.8688432-05:00
Kc1999 is correct

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