Who is most likely at fault for the chemical attacks in Syria?

Posted by: chrumbelievable

Is it more likely that the chemical attacks in Syria were committed by the Assad regime or by the Syrian rebels?

  • The Assad Regime

  • The Syrian Rebels

67% 18 votes
33% 9 votes
  • if i have to choose between the power crazy dictator and those opposing him, im always betting that the dictator was the one who did it first

  • Syria has one of the largest stockpiles of chemical weapons in the world, and has been developing them for several decades to counter Israel's military capabilities. The UN investigator's report also indicated that the nerve agent used - Sarin gas - was fired into rebel-territory by rockets from areas held by the Syrian government. The rockets were moderately advanced. Declassified intelligence by the American, British, and French government stresses that evidence shows President Bashar al-Assad is responsible.

  • I have no doubt though that both sides might be guilty.

  • Its obvious, the rebels had sarin gas and Assad would never use chemical weapons on his people.

  • There are reports that can be used for either side. But the rebels had the most to gain because of Obama's red line and the inspectors sent in.

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raghavKdua says2013-09-12T14:51:12.9519894-05:00
Most Probabaly Rebels are responsible.Al qaeda terrorists are present in large nummber among rebels. A British company was blamed for supplying chemicals which were used in weapons to syria.On one hand UK giveS them such a disastrous weapon and then they question how dare they used that weapon.

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