• LeBron James

  • Michael Jordan

4% 1 votes
96% 22 votes
  • It is mike for now.... but really it is too early to decide

  • Wanna be like Mike.

  • This isn't even a competition obviousely Michael Jordan is better

  • He was in Space Jam, nothing beats that.

  • Michael Jordan won 6 NBA finals (in 6 apperances), 6 NBA Finals MVP's, and lead the league in scoring and won the Defensive Player of the year in the same season. LeBron is VERY good, but he's been to the finals 5 times, and won only 2 Championships, with two teams. Jordan made it with ONE team.

  • I am not interested in false equivalencies. I don't want to say they are equal just to be diplomatic. There really is no comparison. This is not close, although LeBron is closer to Jordan than most other all time greats. Michael was a better scorer, defender, and clutch performer. He could do anything it took to win, and was better at it, under tougher circumstances than anyone playing today, including LeBron James. No one can really mess with LeBron when he drives through the lane. No one can hand check him or rough him up. He can score at will and with impunity, and often does. Michael Jordan has to be drooling watching today's player light it up against defenses that are literally handcuffed by today's NBA rules. Jordan's era was a lot tougher, more brutal, and the players were grittier. Michael's 10 scoring titles were a lot harder to come by than LeBron's easy 1 scoring title. That is why Hakeem Olajuwon, who was drafted the same year as Jordan, and played against him for many years, and also tutored LeBron, said Jordan was "far superior". His words.

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rphk123 says2015-04-30T18:35:22.1765938-05:00
The best player of all time hasn't happened yet.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-05-01T09:34:25.5909823-05:00
He could have. Who's to know?
Gibby97 says2015-05-01T17:04:34.1326776-05:00
Allen Iverson
CannedBread says2015-05-01T17:05:05.9604939-05:00
Neither, Mike Ditka.
Durant35 says2015-05-12T10:38:26.0967949-05:00
No way is allen iverson the best of all time!!

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