Who is the Best Vice Presidential candidate?

Posted by: CaseyO47

Everyone talked about Trump or Hillary but what about Tim Kaine and Mike Pence?

  • Mike Pence

  • Tim Kaine

54% 14 votes
46% 12 votes
  • I'm from Indiana, and my dad was a State Representative in the Indiana House of Representatives. I have actually met and shook hands with Mike Pence on multiple occasions. I personally know him.

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Hanson13 says2017-01-17T01:02:31.8266546Z
He hates gays so awesome :)
BlargArgNarg says2017-01-17T01:23:20.9966546Z
Iacov says2017-01-17T13:07:39.3794998Z
To take a quote from frank underwood "there are two types of Vice Presidents, there are doormats and there are matadors" only time will tell which pence is.

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