Who is the better country singer?

Luke Bryan vs. Jason Aldean

  • Luke Bryan

  • Jason Aldean

72% 13 votes
28% 5 votes
  • He is more moral than Jason Aldean, he writes his own songs(or at least most of them), and his songs are more fun to listen too.

  • awesome redneck songs

  • I know your not supposed to be "On the fence" when it comes to debating. I am, however ,torn between both. I am a country music lover and addict. I would have to agree with Luke Bryan. I believe when It comes to country music, he puts out more of a clear message. I think he gives more background behind the word "country". He shows through his music that country is more than drinking beer in your lifted muddy truck.

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piper.mann says2015-10-20T03:16:20.0974437Z
Both of them are really good singers so I don't know which one to pick :) LOL

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