Who is the better, Kim Jong-un or the Kim Jong-il?

Posted by: iheartNK

  • Kim Jong-un

  • Kim Jong-il

67% 6 votes
33% 3 votes
  • He is the closer in the relation with Kim Jong-sung. So he has the more of the power. But Kim Jong-un still has the power too.

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birdlandmemories says2014-07-15T10:13:01.5639522-05:00
Both are awful.
iheartNK says2014-07-15T10:13:32.1243522-05:00
Why you say the both bad? They both are the good.
birdlandmemories says2014-07-15T10:14:43.5879522-05:00
Because North Korea will end up like Soviet Russia.
iheartNK says2014-07-15T10:15:59.7627522-05:00
Dear leader can do no the wrong. He is best.
birdlandmemories says2014-07-15T10:19:57.1945487-05:00
Un isn't a badass like he thinks he is
birdlandmemories says2014-07-15T10:20:28.0925705-05:00
And I'm fairly sure here in the US we don't kill family members.
birdlandmemories says2014-07-15T10:20:41.3213705-05:00
Well, only driminals do.
birdlandmemories says2014-07-15T10:21:05.2413125-05:00
But still, Un is a criminal.
iheartNK says2014-07-15T10:22:34.3647898-05:00
How you dare insult the Kim Jong-un. He is no the criminal, he is supreme leader.
birdlandmemories says2014-07-15T10:23:29.8859016-05:00
There is no supreme leader. Each person can govern his or herself.
iheartNK says2014-07-15T10:24:00.3149705-05:00
No the don't. The Kim Jong-un govern
birdlandmemories says2014-07-15T10:25:44.0788220-05:00
Too much government is bad.
iheartNK says2014-07-15T10:26:41.8061705-05:00
There no too much government.
birdlandmemories says2014-07-15T10:28:12.9725705-05:00
Well then you're asking for inflation.
iheartNK says2014-07-15T10:28:44.9770036-05:00
Inflation of the what?
birdlandmemories says2014-07-15T10:29:21.8469924-05:00
birdlandmemories says2014-07-15T10:29:41.0507155-05:00
So basically less money
iheartNK says2014-07-15T10:30:20.4802036-05:00
In the North korea, you get the money. So you still have the money.
birdlandmemories says2014-07-15T10:30:55.0654036-05:00
And you will basically see relations with other countries get worse
birdlandmemories says2014-07-15T10:31:13.9414036-05:00
And you need to be kind to South Korea
iheartNK says2014-07-15T10:31:41.0853290-05:00
Our relations good, except with the america, because they divide us.
birdlandmemories says2014-07-15T10:32:08.9779502-05:00
Nobody like North Korea
birdlandmemories says2014-07-15T10:32:27.1761804-05:00
Then again the US can be stupid
birdlandmemories says2014-07-15T10:32:40.5053481-05:00
Cause we never get anything done.
iheartNK says2014-07-15T10:32:41.3165429-05:00
I like the north korea so you statement false
birdlandmemories says2014-07-15T10:34:06.2735983-05:00
I mean nobody OUTSIDE of North Korea
iheartNK says2014-07-15T10:34:35.6950097-05:00
I live in the China, so I am the outside
birdlandmemories says2014-07-15T10:34:58.8552936-05:00
And don't say "I'm from China" cause I don't mean North Koreans outside of there anyway
iheartNK says2014-07-15T10:36:22.5231249-05:00
It no matter if lots of nations no like the north korea, because if we go to the war, we win.
birdlandmemories says2014-07-15T10:36:37.0154320-05:00
I knew you'd say that :D
birdlandmemories says2014-07-15T10:37:28.9942988-05:00
So if the USA went against North Korea, who'd win?
Octagon says2014-07-15T12:35:12.2600322-05:00
Let's go over everything, shall we? Hair: KJI Easy. That sexy, sexy mullet-thing is just irresistible. Attire: Tie Let's see, evil (yet stylish) black supervillain robe, or ugly tracksuit? Too close to call. Humor: KJU Everyone knows Kim Jong-Un is a true internet phenomenon. His memes and parodies are among the finest the internet has to offer. Kim Jong-Il? Not so much. Fear Factor: KJI Gotta go KJI on this one. Kim Jong-Un is just so satirized that it gets hard to take him seriously. Overall Picture: KJU Just gotta love the great leader. According to my criteria, they're tied. Like two titans of democracy and freedom, equally matched, and equally majestic. However, I prefer KJU. His overbearing sex-appeal and unprecedented style is just too much.
sebban468 says2016-11-14T11:49:03.9590217Z
None of them are "good", but Kim Jong-Un is clearly trying to be more like Kim Il-Sung who all in all was fairly ok.

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