Who is the better President?

Which President is better: George W. Bush or Barack Obama?

  • Barack Obama

  • George W. Bush

45% 37 votes
55% 45 votes
  • President Obama spent most of his term cleaning up the mess that GW Bush left. GW Bush lied about 2 intelligence to get us into 2 wars, gave a tax break that went mainly to the wealthy & then stared a Medicare prescription plan favored by Big Pharmacy. This ended up blowing a big hole in our economy and this led to the collapse in Europe's also. Bush also corrupted our Civil Liberties and managed to anger everyone in the Middle East. So this bastard is considered the worst president in US history by the majority of people over in the US.

  • Obama is the lesser of the two evils. The problem with Obama is that he is just too spineless to do all that he said he would. He just gave into too much pressure from Corporations, and the whole neocon agenda.

  • My God. How are these two pictures next to each other..

  • Obama by far is better than Bush and anyone who thinks different does not deserve a opinion

  • The guy who raised debt and crashed the economy or the guy who fixed it? obama> bush


  • George Bush was horrible with 9/11!!!!!!!

  • Obama killed Bin Laden, but all Bush did about him was invade Iraq, which actually ended up with negative results.

  • Because Bush is a fucking awful person

  • Obama. At least he didnt f*** up the economy and start a war

    Posted by: Rohan1
  • Definitely George W. Bush.

  • After 9/11, prevented any further foreign terrorist attacks on US soil. Restored democracy to Afghanistan and Iraq. Brought Saddam Hussein to justice. Fought AIDS. Prescription drug benefits for seniors. Increased accountability for teachers. The only thing he really did wrong was massively increase government spending and debt.

    Posted by: Kahuna
  • obama is mostly talk and steals all the credit

  • President Barack Obama hasn't done a SINGLE good thing for this country socially or fiscally. The only good/helpful thing his administration has done is the assassination of Bin Laden, which Obama really wasn't responsible for, as Bush started searching and Obama continued the effort.

  • National debt during Bush administration was around 10 trillion. It has now gone up to over 16.3 trillion. Our country is being sold one piece at a time.

    Posted by: pfunk
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TheWoodOre says2013-10-12T21:08:32.4422366-05:00
Dang, this is hard. It's like choosing who's the better person: Miley Cyrus OR Hitler
Nicksmith26 says2015-06-11T10:28:05.5586299-05:00
When you take account that Bush sent us into an Iraq war with no clue as to what we're getting into then that should be enough. Iraq didn't have nuclear weapons. They had materials, just like every other country we hate but do we go to war with them? No. That war left Obama in an incredible amount of debt. Obviously Obama isn't a good president. But Bush is one of the worst. Obama killed Bin Laden and now a number of ISIS leaders. People say he didn't do anything. That's wrong. He hired people to do Intel then ordered the strikes. Unemployment is rising. Debt is decreasing. Obama was the right call over McCain and Romney. Romney was just stupid. McCain was great but when you have a VP as stupid as Sarah Palin, you won't win. But all would have been better than Bush.
Punisher says2016-02-02T01:26:02.2853950Z
Bill Clinton signed the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act in 1999, which repealed parts of the Glass-Steagall Act, which many economists cite as a primary cause of the recession. Bush was forced to deal with Clinton's bad economic policy. We invaded Iraq during Bush's presidency because of Saddam Hussein's continual disregard for UN Resolutions, which he agreed to. In particular, his refusal to allow inspectors into Iraq to inspect for WMDs. Clinton did nothing. Bush did. And we rid the world of Saddam, one of the worst terrorists in world history. Under the Obama administration, the national debt has doubled, the number of Americans on food stamps has swelled to over 47 million, and America has become far less safe than it was in 2009. Future presidents are going to have to deal with the potentially negative consequences of Obamacare once it is fully implemented. Additionally, Obama signed the deal with Iran, in which Iran agreed to allow inspectors to inspect for . . . WMDs. We are repeating history. When Iran ignores the agreement (and many experts believe they will), a future president will again be forced to deal with the national security crisis that will likely occur.
Punisher says2016-02-02T01:42:29.5567090Z
According to Gallup, Obama's overall average approval rating (as of this writing) is 47% and G.W. Bush's was 49%. Two different polls (ABC News and Washington Post) ranked Obama as the "worst president since WWII."

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