• Taylor Swift

  • Katy Perry

15% 3 votes
85% 17 votes
  • There is no comparison. Katy Perry doesn't have the voice/talent to pull off a good musical performance, so she had to sell her soul to Satan in order to get anywhere.

  • Taylor is fun and obviously has a ton of talent, and I would see her concert any day and be genuinely thrilled. However, the question asks about voice and I think of Katy in songs like Unconditionally, and I feel her voice has more body than Taylor.

  • stronger voice

  • I'm by no means a fan of either of them, but Katy does have a much stronger voice and uses it better.

    Posted by: benhos
  • just a simple answer Katy Perry is was better

    Posted by: skdj
  • Katy has such a strong voice even though I love both of them

  • THERE IS A REAL DIFFERNCE BETWEEN THE TWO. Katy= Amazing vocals+Into season Taylor= Poor vocals+sooooo out of season

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shaancl_716 says2015-02-25T19:06:11.3601084-06:00
I loathe them both but Katy Perry is the lesser of the two evils.
benhos says2015-02-25T20:59:23.1197375-06:00
Taylor Swift is the biggest attention hog in the universe. This is totally unrelated, but I have to say it.

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