Who is the better vocalist?

Posted by: PatriotPerson

Brandon Flowers (The Killers) or Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys)?

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Alex Turner

Alexander David "Alex" Turner is an English musician, singer, and songwriter. He is the lead vocalist, guitarist, and principal songwriter of the English rock band Arctic Monkeys. Turner has also recorded with a side-project called The Last Shadow P... uppets and as a solo artist. He also wrote and performed songs for the soundtrack of the 2010 comedy-drama film Submarine.Turner has a baritone vocal range   more
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Brandon Flowers

Brandon Richard Flowers is an American musician, singer, songwriter and lyricist. He is best known as the frontman of the Las Vegas-based rock band The Killers. In 2010, Flowers released a solo album, titled Flamingo. He has topped the UK Albums Cha... rt five times, including work by The Killers and is a recipient of the Q Idol Award   more
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PatriotPerson says2015-05-28T19:56:53.9104566-05:00
What do socialists have to do with anything here?
CannedBread says2015-05-28T21:01:58.9245826-05:00
Read that as socialists.
PatriotPerson says2015-05-28T21:02:48.0790274-05:00
Vocalist is spelled a lot differently than Socialist but ok...

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