• Messi

  • Ronaldo

46% 18 votes
54% 21 votes
  • I prefer the talent of Messi. But Ronaldo is great and with a strong personality.

  • The case for Messi is a simple one, Despite playing 101 fewer matches then Ronaldo (Ronaldo has played 695 Competetive matches Messi has played in 594), he's only scored 8 fewer goals, Ronaldo with 529 and Messi with 521 respectively. Messi is not only a clearly more lethal finisher, he actually finds the net more often then Ronaldo, scoring a goal every 92 minutes, compared to Ronaldo's 108 minutes. After all of that, Messi provides more options offensively, laying on 232 assists for his teammates compared to Ronaldo's 188. Considering both players have both played for massive teams throughout their careers, Messi with FCB and Ronaldo with Manchester United and Real Madrid. The way to tell which player is better in the big games, compare the stats between the two players in games that they have played head to head. They've gone head to head 30 times in their careers on the competitive stage. In those 30, they've both scored a good amount of goals, Ronaldo with 16 and Messi having 18. However, the clear mark is again back to the assist stats, Messi has 10 assists while Ronaldo has managed a measly 1. With his goal contribution, it is no surprise that Messi has beaten Ronaldo 14 times with Ronaldo winning only 8, 7 games went down as draws. As for their overall value, Ronaldo is valued right now by Transfermarkt at a respectable 90 Million Euros, while Messi is valued at around 120 Million Euros. Considering individual achievements, Messi's 5 Ballon D'ors compared to Ronaldo's 4. However, Ronaldo gets one back winning more UEFA Player of the year awards with four, Messi has only won 3. For their team's overall success, Messi has won the league 8 times in his career, Ronaldo has only won the league 5 times (Three in the Premier League and twice in La Liga). Both players have won the Champions League 4 times, and both players have picked up one international award, although Ronaldo's Euro win is far more prestigious then Messi's Olympic Medal. Comparing all the important stats, there is only one best player in the world.

  • He is the worlds best footballer - skill, pace, goals, he's in the best team, he's generally a good person - unlike ronaldo.

  • Stats Do I say any more?

  • as he is the best and deserves a lot more.

  • Ronaldo is simply better in more aspects of the game than Messi. Ronaldo is an expert dribbler and he can use his head, left and right foot. he has also won an continental trophy for his country, something that Messi has yet to do. Messi can't be matched to Ronaldo on the physical scale either. Ronaldo can defend as well and he can score long-range goals, something Messi can only dream of.

  • both amazing but imo ronaldo is ahead, messi is some sick player at the same time tho

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