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reece says2017-05-07T19:54:42.4116587Z
Saudi Arabia
LuciferWept says2017-05-08T02:59:46.7826423Z
Please tell me you're joking?
reece says2017-05-08T05:40:44.1723745Z
If all you have is a hammer.
DavidMGold says2017-05-08T14:52:01.0852537Z
The UK was once a strong American ally, but that simply doesn't hold true today. It is a developing Islamic State that won't survive the next two generations and politically shares nothing in common with the US. France, who would even suggest them as a legitimate ally of the US, has just elected a fitting symbol who's bedding a grandmother and has vowed to open up France to greater Islamic colonization. Canada has installed the bastard son of Fidel Castro who revels in smug photo ops when not engaged in destructive policies that run contrary to the interests of both countries. South Korea is an ally to the extent American soldiers fought died for their country and spent the next half century ensuring their survival and is a far better candidate than the previous ones. Israel is the strongest ally, contributing the intelligence equivalent of four CIAs but is excluded from military actions to placate virulently anti-Semitic Arab countries. The British and French demonstrated their military impotence when they couldn't even sustain an aerial campaign in Libya opting to call in Obama to use the USAF to cover al Qaeda's coup.
DavidMGold says2017-05-08T14:53:30.5423149Z
The UK was once a strong American ally, but that simply doesn't hold true today. It is a developing Islamic State that won't survive the next two generations and politically shares nothing in common with the US. France, who would even suggest them as a legitimate ally of the US, has just elected a fitting symbol who's bedding a grandmother and has vowed to open up France to greater Islamic colonization. Canada has installed the bastard son of Fidel Castro who revels in smug photo ops when not engaged in destructive policies that run contrary to the interests of both countries. South Korea is an ally to the extent American soldiers fought died for their country and spent the next half century ensuring their survival and is a far better candidate than the previous ones. Israel is the strongest ally, contributing the intelligence equivalent of four CIAs but is excluded from military actions to placate virulently anti-Semitic Arab countries. The British and French demonstrated their military impotence when they couldn't even sustain an aerial campaign in Libya opting to call in Obama to use the USAF to cover al Qaeda's coup.
DavidMGold says2017-05-08T14:54:12.9587149Z
The UK was once a strong American ally, but that simply doesn't hold true today. It is a developing Islamic State that won't survive the next two generations and politically shares nothing in common with the US. France, who would even suggest them as a legitimate ally of the US, has just elected a fitting symbol who's bedding a grandmother and has vowed to open up France to greater Islamic colonization. Canada has installed the bastard son of Fidel Castro who revels in smug photo ops when not engaged in destructive policies that run contrary to the interests of both countries. South Korea is an ally to the extent American soldiers fought died for their country and spent the next half century ensuring their survival and is a far better candidate than the previous ones. Israel is the strongest ally, contributing the intelligence equivalent of four CIAs but is excluded from military actions to placate virulently anti-Semitic Arab countries. The British and French demonstrated their military impotence when they couldn't even sustain an aerial campaign in Libya opting to call in Obama to use the USAF to cover al Qaeda's coup.
LuciferWept says2017-05-08T15:08:25.6766756Z
Dave, I gotta disagree. South Korea has deployed troops in every American war after we helped them in their war. Israel, on the other hand, has only done what every other country does in the intelligence arena. Of course they provide intelligence, in exchange for intelligence. They are also a drain on our resources and have drawn us up into several of their conflicts (primarily the Afghanistan War, which was the result of Saudi funded organizations attacking the US as a result of American support for Israel). The only reason Americans support Israel so heavily is because of biblical stories, which Israel claims guarantee them the land.
DavidMGold says2017-05-08T17:12:35.6725016Z
LuciferWept, feel to disagree, but I'm compelled to pushback. I'm would place South Korea at a close second, just behind Israel and far ahead of the UK, France and Canada. For the record, the South Koreans only significant participation was in the Vietnam War when 300,000 soldiers were sent to bolster US forces. The only other war they participated was the Iraq War, with a small Zaytun division involved primarily in nation building activities in Iraqi Kurdistan. In terms of the Middle East, your foreign policy outlook is extremely naive and incoherent. Again we find yet another Westerner who has little knowledge of the Islamic ideology driving conflict in the region and a disdainful, ignorant attempt to scapegoat the Jewish people for being a major target of extermination especially for the very reason they're not as easily victimized like the Copts, Kurds, Nigerians, Sudanese, Buddhists and Hindus. Christopher Hitchens made a great point about Al Qaeda when he pointed out one of Bin Laden's grievances was the halt in the genocide of East Timor and the targeting of the UN In Iraq for this expressed purpose. Israel's intelligence value far exceeds those of other intelligence agencies and I would refer you to congressional testimony of US Intelligence officials that estimated its value at the equivalent of four CIAs and has saved the US billions in deployment with respect to the Middle East. Most Americans have shunned your Anti-Semitism and support their most important Middle Eastern ally. The mythical allusions to a biblical basis is largely unfounded conjecture. You see absolutely no concern or regard for the 9 to 14 million Copts who are systematically persecuted by the Arab Muslim majority that colonized their land after the original ISIS conquered them in the 7th century. There's no calls for a Coptic State or an end to the unjust occupation of those indigenous Christian brethern. The Islamic hatred of the Jewish people stems from anti-Semitic libels codified in the Qur'an, which is why Fakestinians are apt to refer to Jews as "apes and pigs." Then you have the genocidal hadith that is prominently on display in Hamas' charter whereby the crackpot Muhammad said that Muslims must make a "great slaughter" of the Jews (genocide), that even the trees and rocks would speak out revealing to the Islamic Gestapo the locations of Jews in hiding. Then there was Muhammad's own "perfect example" of ethnically cleansing the Predominantly Jewish city of Medina not long after he came as a refugee, which perfectly foreshadows what awaits Europe. The clerics and preachers at Al Aqsa, in Jerusalem, make it abundantly clear that France, Britain, the USA, "Rome," and "Andalusia (Spain)" are future Islamic conquest. So, on the contrary, the Arabs claim the land belongs to them because the Qur'an says so and more dangerously, the whole planet, as Muhammad himself declared to the Jews of Medina that the whole of the earth belongs to "allah and his messenger" stating explicitly he intended to remove every one of them who would not convert. Like the Kingdom of Sindh, that fell to Islamic State conquerors resulting in the extermination of 80 million Hindus and a 900 year occupation leaving a country like Afghanistan devoid of its original inhabitants, but populated by the Taliban that absent a dhimmi population to victimize resorted to destroying ancient Buddhist statues erasing the un-Islamic archeology of the land. Perhaps you believe the Islamic terrorists sponsored by Pakistan would love you too if only you would stop supporting those idolatrous Hindus.
LuciferWept says2017-05-09T19:42:41.0885057Z
Dave..Dave....Since when does not supporting Israel translate into Anti-Semitism? Since there is no Gypsy nation, should we then condemn the UN as anti-Gypsy for not giving another target of the Nazis their own country? According to you, it appears so. So, first let us examine how South Korea is a better ally than Israel. South Korea is an economic ally, as that they trade with us, providing many of our electronics (such as all Samsung products) for much cheaper than they would be produced elsewhere and at a much higher quality than in places like Vietnam and China. Militarily, South Korea provides a foothold in mainland Asia for the United States, especially since it is on that continent that China, our greatest possible rival, exists. Now let us examine your claims on the greatness of Israel, but first, your ad hominem regarding the conflict between India and Pakistan. Do you know that India has been a country since ancient times? This makes it a natural country. Israel ceased to be a natural country under the rule of Emperor Vespasian. In 1946, due to a primarily emotional reaction to the Holocaust, the UN artificially created the state of Israel. One must ask, then why do you not want a Coptic State? Is there not a genocide there at the hands of the Saudi funded Islamic State? I guess when its a biblical fairy tale about Moses, an a genocide that ended seventy years ago, then you demand a State, but want to do nothing for a genocide happening today. I am not saying that I support a Coptic State, but at least I am not doublethinking demanding a state for another group. You seem to equate a lack of support for Israel as a love for Islam. Why? If they wish to conquer the West, then they should be opposed, which is exactly what ISIS is. However, let us further examine the origins of ISIS. I assume you know what Wahhabism is, so I need not examine their ideology. However, ISIS was born from the power vacuum left by the US after it invaded Iraq and unsuccessfully tried to establish an Israel-friendly state. So what exactly happened? Well, the US had faulty intelligence about Saddam planning to use WMD's against the West. In reality, he was one of three major powers in that region, the other two being Iran and Saudi Arabia. Israel chose to feed the bad intel to the US in an attempt to encourage the US to topple one of its many enemies in the region. You say that Israel provides the US with intelligence: You forget to mention they only feed the US intel when it suits them, regardless of the validity of that intel. Regarding Iraq, in 2003, France (who actually has the greatest intelligence services in the world, just as the US has the greatest military in the world) stated that Iraq had no WMD's. However, the US took Israel's advice, and now we have ISIS as a result. By listening to Israel, the US sent many of its young men to die, took resources and troops away from Afghanistan, spent millions in nation-building and developing a failed state, and now all we have is ISIS as an end result. In essence, Israel chose to try to advance its position in the region, only to destabilize the region, bring chaos to Syria, and give more power to Saudi Arabia and Iran. Israel is a costly protectorate, not a valuable ally.
CaseyOverfors says2017-05-15T16:17:33.3620207Z
No way it could be Saudi Arabia what did they do for us?
DavidMGold says2017-05-16T05:29:39.8484255Z
LuciferWept, I'll gladly elaborate. Your assertion that Usama Bin Laden's attack on September 11 on the WTC and Washington DC, leaving aside the previous attacks on the USS Cole, Embassy bombings, etc. also neglects Bin Laden's declaration as to the reasons is ignorantly distilled down to scapegoating the Jewish people for surviving and prevailing for around 70 years against an Islamic genocide whereas the Armenians, Sudanese, Nigerians, and Bengali Hindus (and many other peoples I could name) have faired poorly against such onslaught and American support for their ally with the explicit assertion that Jews are the sole source of America's woes. It is unabashed Anti-Semitism ignorant of Islamic teaching and history, the philosophy of the Muslim Brotherhood that gave rise to al Qaeda (and Hamas), and the division of the world into Dar al-Islam/Dar al-Harb. It is a stupid fantasy that fails to realize that if you speak out against throwing acid in the faces of unveiled women in Karachi, these people will be more than annoyed with you. Strangely enough, you decided to remove any doubt with the foray into Holocaust Denial. There were many people victimized by Nazi Germany, but the Jewish people were targeted for systematic and total annihilation and this is in no way mitigated by other crimes. Heinrich Himmler's 1943 Posen speech is sufficient enough to demonstrate the point. You've added to indictment further by pushing the falsehood that Israel was created by the UN when in fact you neglect the fact that it only recognized Israel's Declaration of Independence in 1948 and had tried to implement a failed partition creating a second Arab state out of the Jewish Mandate. The actual history is that the League of Nations unanimously passed four Mandates following WWI and the dissolution of the Ottoman Turkish Caliphate into 3 Arab states and one Jewish state. Furthermore, you are no doubt ignorant of the British severing nearly almost 80% of the original Jewish Mandate almost immediately as a gift and a bribe to Emir Abdullah of Hejaz (who did next to nothing during WWI according to the British themselves) who was marching from the Arabian Peninsula to fight the French on behalf of his brother Faisal to secure monarchy there. The British flagrantly violated and repudiated the terms of the Mandate and had Holocaust survivors in concentration camps on Cyprus into 1946. Moving on, I'm curious as to how you managed to work up the nerve to misconstrue my reference to Hindus to demonstrate your ignorance of genocidal Islamic intolerance (backed up by centuries of conquests, occupation and extermination while also leading to three major wars, a nuclear arms race and Pakistan's state sponsored international terrorism) into an ad hominem? And there's no such terminology of "natural state" either. The fact that the Roman Empire conquered and occupied Jewish land, killed as many as 2 million Jews in three major wars, in no way mitigates the fact that Jews are the indigenous inhabitants nor does it validate the Islamic fables of Muhammad making a secret night journey to Jerusalem on a flying donkey. India's Independence preceded Israel's by only one year. Next, you've managed to dishonestly and intentionally lie about my other point regarding Copts. Again, the point was a refutation of your false insinuation that Americans are motivated by only biblical based beliefs but curiously have done nothing to stop systematic and legal persecution of these 9 to 14 million people who follow the Christian faith just as the UN nor anyone else in the world bothers themselves with this Islamic Apartheid when there are no Jews to blame for events. Furthermore, Egypt ethnically cleansed the Jewish population, expelling them and confiscating their property. You're oblivious to the other point that the Copts were conquered by the original ISIS of Muhammad and his companions in the 7th century and apparently many Westerners are blind to Islamic Imperialism in the world. Additionally, stop lying and quit pretending there isn't a fabricated "Palestinian" national identity and a demand for an Arab Palestinian state that outrageously turns their failed genocide against the Jews into Arab victimhood to create another Arab state on the remaining 20% of the original Jewish Mandate, which they assure us is a means to an end regarding the Jewish state that would be left with indefensible borders. To answer your question: your Anti-Semitism is glaring, your historical ignorance is pronounced, and your indifference to Islamic Imperialism is clear. Far from a love of Islam, I've stated you have a total lack of knowledge (if you were paying attention) and allow your Antisemitic attitudes to shape your convoluted views on foreign policy in the Middle East. Finally, let me address your frivolous narrative on ISIS and the Iraq War (Second Gulf War). Yes, I'm very aware of Whabbism. You do realize that Salafists simply want a return to pure Islam viewing the first three generations of Islam as ideal while paradoxically Westerners offering apologetics for Islam will fabricate this notion that such belief have nothing to do with Islam! As Kuwaiti Researcher Abdulazziz Al-Qattan said, ISIS is the product of Islamic heritage, which apparently is easier to say in Kuwait apparently given that such remarks on a US television channel would lead to a bizarre and hysterical condemnation of "Islamophobia." The Jew hatred is solidified by your incessant lying that Jews were responsible for the intelligence assessments of the CIA, MI6, Russian..German..French (get it right)..Egyptian..Jordanian Intelligence Agencies. You're ignorant of the Iraq War Resolution, which provided multiple reasons and Paul Wolfowitz explained they settled on WMDs for bureaucratic reasons because it was the reason everyone agreed on. Your claim.Is basically a conspiratorial, kooky and baseless blood libel that the Jooooos did it and yet you still deny you're not Antisemitic. A power vacuum assumes you need a totalitarian dictator, which begs more questions than it answers. The US failure was failing to dissolve Iraq and partition three separate states and denying the Kurds a state just because their so-called "Allies" won't tolerate it just as they won't tolerate a Jewish state. Furthermore, Dubya was a big proponent of the "Islam is a religion of peace" nonsense and sorority sister Karen Hughes on her pathetic Islam ❤ America tour who didn't even know what the Muslim Brotherhood was (asking an aid what it was when asked a question in Egypt) or being treated to Saudi women in Jedda telling her they're happy to be deprived of the ability to operate an automobile. What's frightening is your level of callous ignorance has permeated the highest levels of Government. As for actual warfare, the USA decimated the world's fourth largest military in 1990 and walked over it in three weeks to reach Baghdad. The stupidity of America's nation building to drag a medieval Muslim country into the 20th century is comparable to your thinking Americans would be loved if only it weren't those darn Joooos in Israel, which America refused to help in 1948 when 7 Arab Monarchies and Dictatorships settled on a second Holocaust in 1948. Your assessment of French Intelligence being the best in the world is based solely on your mistaken belief of prewar assessments and your claims regarding Israeli intelligence to the US is more of the same baseless concoctions derived from your Antisemitic attitudes. The same absurd CounterInsurgency "strategy" coupled with multi-billion dollar nation building projects also defines the failures in Afghanistan, which you seemingly support but also blame the Jooos for as well. Of course the highly successful Shinto Directive implemented by US Forces occupying Japan can't even be contemplated with regards to Islam. While you prattle on about Moses and myths, Muslims are indoctrinated into revering the ludicrous fables told by Muhammad of a literal rock stealing the clothes of Musa (Moses) leading to angry, bathing Musa chasing after the rock and dealing it several blows (which were still present in Muhammad's day) to dispel a supposed claim that he was hiding a problem with his testicles. You neglect to mention Iran's role in killing 1,100 American Servicemen in Iraq and sponsoring the Taliban in Afghanistan, but you can still manage to turn America and Britain's position into a Jewish plot while ignoring your last President just contributed directly to Iran boosting funding to both Hezbollah and Hamas from Obama's $1.7 billion payout and billions more in sanction relief. P.S. South Korea is an important ally and yes, they're a large trading partner but you seem lost on the fact that Israel is a large trading partner and if your computer has an Intel chip..It likely came from Israel. Unlike South Korea, Israel doesn't require a permanent US garrison of 29,000 soldiers to defend its borders nor did it require the US to defend it in 1948. I will say the US doesn't demand South Korea give up land for peace and there wouldn't be a nuclear North Korea Israel was on the 38th parallel and apparently you think US deployment in South Korea is free.
CaseyOverfors says2017-05-16T19:59:03.1570431Z
No way Saudi Arabia!
LuciferWept says2017-05-17T18:53:42.9683743Z
DavidMGold.....Your nonsensical rant about apparantly I deny the Holocaust by pointing out there were MORE than just six million murdered in those camps is so ludicrous, it surpasses a strawman argument. All I asked is that you show me where Gypsyland is, where is "Rhineland Bastards" Land, where is Communist Land? Where is Homosexual Land? It's amazing that Political Zionists (which it is apparent that you are one of) took advantage of the Holocaust and exploited the victims of the Nazis in order to obtain actual political and economic power. Now, you reject the concept of a natural state, only because it refutes your argument. Now, you claim that Israelis are indigenous inhabitants of that region. The only support you find for that is in the Bible, if you truly believe that. However, you have said that you do not use the Bible for that, and say that Vespasian's campaign against the Jewish rebellion has no effect on their claim to the land. Fair enough, however, I now EXPECT to see you out there, demanding for the lands of the United States and Canada to be returned to the various Indigenous nations, such as the Sioux and the Cherokee. After all, military conquest, as you say, has no effect on who has a claim to land. On to your rant about Islam. It might surprise you, but I agree that Islam is a threat. I am just smart enough to know that the solution to one group's theocratic demands for political power is not going to the Zionists demand for political power (BTW, Zionism =/= Judaism, so you can stop with the ad hominem trying to call me an anti-semite). The solution is not to accept bad intelligence from a country that has something to gain from getting their "big brother" to overthrow Iraq and set up a puppet state (a puppet state that collapses after we leave). As for Iraq, show me the WMD's. Show me the reason the West should have intervened, and if your argument is "Islam is bad", well, why are you not demanding wars with Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Pakistan? Hell, let us say that all dictatorships are bad! Now demand war with North Korea, China, Belarus, Russia, Angola, Venezuela, Cuba, etc. Show some consistency David! Demand that more Americans go die, go get mutilated, and families suffer for YOUR political opinions (and don't forget to demand that these mourning families surrender their homes to ancient indigenous peoples because military campaigns, according to you, have no effect on who lives where). Now, as for your attack on South Korea, the place where I was stationed. You're an idiot if you think I think it's free. However, I can say that South Korea is and has been capable of defending themselves from North Korea. We are there to help minimize damage to our Economic ally and to keep China out a possible peninsular conflict. So any aid Korea receives from us is not aid, but purchasing. We buy a macroeconomic benefit (trade) which has helped us to improve the quality of life for many Americans (Tablets, Televisions etc). South Korea also deploys troops and special forces to aid us in wars. Ranging from Vietnam (where the ROK army did something to the Viet Cong that our communist opponent never dared to venture that far south until we evacuated) to Afghanistan. Now, my foolish friend, in 2016 the United States gave Israel $38,000,000,000 in military aid. What have we gotten in return? Show me, what does Israel give the US other than some warm fuzzy feeling? As for your love of nation-building "a medieval Muslim country into the 20th Century", happy to see you like to see Americans die and American dollars WASTED on some country that is now the Islamic State (Hooray, for Nation-Building!). At least your consistent there, David. America should allow its infrastructure to crumble, its lead water pipes to poison its population, so that it can throw money into a feud between people who are essentially comparing fairy tales (yes, David, the Bible is just as much a fairy tale as the Qu'ran). Now, you go on to some other ad hom about how I think we would be liked. Well, not exactly. Saudi Arabia is an expansionist power, using proxies to wage their war with the West. Perhaps, we should invest that $38B against them instead of to some other country.
KwLm says2017-05-18T07:29:30.6397621Z
Ireland is one of America's greatest allies, did everyone seem to forget that?
DavidMGold says2017-05-18T14:00:14.5287344Z
LuciferWept, yes...Attempting to minimize the systematic and wholesale destruction of 6 million Jewish lives is most definitely a form of Holocaust Denial. The fact that Nazis victimized other individuals in no way negates the objective of total liquidation of Jews. Furthermore, your historical claim that Israel was a post-WW2 creation is a complete lie that has been addressed and refuted. You're oblivious to San Remo, the Mandates passed of the LON regarding the break up of Ottoman Turkish Imperial possessions, which leaves us with your clumsy demands that could be cleared up with a little research. On your side note, my Twitter account clearly said "proud Zionist" before Islamofascists and Neo-Nazis began mass reporting Jewish and pro-Israel accounts to left winger employed to police "hate speech" on their social network. Next, it would help matters if you'd cease persisting in this falsehood that covers up the the fact thqt the Allies all but condemned Jews to their fate at the Evian Conference, the British specifically closed off the Jewish Homeland to refugees fleeing the Holocaust, and many more victims were added to Hitler's grasp when the handover of the Sudetenland with the eventual occupation of all of Czechoslovakia. Again, since your comprehension skills are less than adequate, understand that the UN Partition plan was not the creation or basis for Israel and the eventual declaration of Independence. I reject the concept of a "natural state," because no such term exists in academic discourse..It's something you made up to paper over a dismal knowledge of history. Jews are the indigenous inhabitants of Eretz Yisrael and that goes to far more than your squabbles with the Christians over the Bible..That's historical and archeological. Finally, the brutality and genocidal campaigns of the Roman Empire do not diminish the reestablished state of Israel nor does it require me to advocate on behalf a nonexistent Sioux nation or a tiny contingent of Cherokee that had a far different historical context and experience although you're quite free to pursue that to your heart's content. You've said nor indicated anything of the threat Islam poses in the world and I will continue pointing out your Anti-Semitism, which is well established via your crackpot (and baseless) claims that a) Bin Laden and al Qaeda only attacked America because of Israel, b) your kookier Jewish plot to be the sole source or even primarcy source for the intelligence assessments (of the USA, Britain, Germany, France, Russia, Jordan, Egypt, etc.) regarding Saddam's WMDs, and c) blaming Jews for America's foreign policy under Clinton and Bush that culminated in regime change in 2003. By the way, Zionism is simply Jewish self-determination in Eretz Yisrael and equality among nations. Your antisemitic libels are well established here. You've never established Israel as the source for intelligence and you won't bother beyond repeating your accusation, which ignores every other reason outlined in the Resolution passed by Congress. The US seized and sold 500 metric tons of yellowcake Uranium to a Canadian company and according to the Iraqi AF General who defected to the US...52 flights to Syria transporting Saddam's chemical stockpile to Assad. As for reasons, do some basic research and read the Iraq War Resolution: Iraq's non-compliance with the 1991 ceasefire agreement (firing on coalition aircraft over the No-Fly Zones and interference with weapons inspections), Iraq's hostility toward the United States (assassination attempt on George Bush I), sponsorship of international terrorism (harboring 93 WTC bomber, etc.), among others. You're too lazy to do bother informing yourself and wallowing in apathy as it pertains to international affairs. I have advocated already on both Iran (conducting attacks and supplying arms resulting in 1,100 US casualties in Iraq..Supplying, arming and funding the Taliban in Afghanistan..Sponsoring terrorist attacks on Americans, etc.) and North Korea (which is churning out warheads every 6 weeks and developing better delivery that will be able to hit the US eventually). Pakistan..Took plenty of US foreign aid the ISI knew he was Abbottabad and they're a major exporter/sponsor of Islamic Terrorism against India and throughout Southeast Asia. We do not need to go to war in Syria..Assad, his Iranian allies, are busy slugging it out with Daesh and other Sunni terrorist groups ..You don't interrupt your enemies while they're killing each other. In Egypt, despite Obama's support for thr Muslim Brotherhood, the military overthrew them and clamped down on their group. The Saudis could be dealt with easily enough by opening up offshore drilling, opening up ANWR, and supporting the Shale revolution...Which would undoubtedly cut into their economy that is 90% dependent on oil exports. Hope that clears up your crayon rendition of foreign policy. As for the other list...Let Trump normalize relations with Russia, the MPLA has almost run Angola to the bottom of African countries, it wouldn't take a war for the extremely unpopular Socialist government to fall in Venezuela, restart sanctions on Cuba, and consumerism will eventually erode China. There's no problem with consistency...You're intellectually lazy and should simply refrain from foreign policy issues. American casualties in war are at historical lows compared to Vietnam, Korea, or the Second World War. They could be far lower removing absurd rules of engagement, eliminating nation building measures and dropping blunderous CounterInsurgency as a military doctrine while placing higher values of enemy civilian populations vs. Your own soldiers risking their lives. The US Military is all volunteer and if you don't like the hazards...There's always the Peace Corps! We can thank Truman for China..And North Korea. We can thank JFK for Cuba. We can thank Carter for Iran and Reagan to a certain extent. A lot of the foreign policy failures have metastasized into much bigger problems while your prescription is the national equivalent of sitting on the couch with hoagies and Budweiser. I never said anything about military campaigns not playing a role in the formation of nations but simply pointed out to you the ludicrous notion that a long dead Roman conquest in no way mitigates the existence of the state of Israel or Jewish rights within their state however much you despise it. As for South Korea, I said it was an important US ally and never sunk to your level of spewing crackpot conspiracies based predicated on bigoted attitudes toward Koreans. Ironically, you're not at all concerned with the cost of US Deployment, bases, and aid to South Korea...THAAD deployment ..Or the not so free US Naval deployment to the region just as you fail to recognize Israel fought its own War of Independence without even the benefit of US arms (placed an embargo instead) while beating back the armies of 7 Arab Monarchies & Dictatorships with no navy, no armor or Air Force..Just a militia. Furthermore, the ally you disparage as a "costly protectorate" has never required the US to fight its wars or deploy bases for its defense with permanent US garrisons unlike South Korea. You're an idiot precisely due to the fact that your oblivious to your Antisemitic attitudes in reasonably or accurately assessing American allies. American forces and bases are there to defend the 38th Parallel as they have been since the Korean War ended despite your not there to defend but defend gaffes. When Iraq built a nuclear reactor, Israel launched Operation Opera and destroyed it..When Assad imported his from North Korea..Operation Orchard eliminated it..When Pyongyang pursued it..Clinton had to make North Korea the largest recipient of US Aid in Asia and now they have warheads. Now you're back to repeating South Korea's deployment in Vietnam and confusing a division of 1,600 to Iraqi Kurdistan while forgetting the US won't allow Israeli participation least the Whabbis and other Islamofascists become enraged. I'm seriously considering hammering you with articles on the Israeli Government warning Washington against the Iraq War and destabilizing tge region to really draw attention to how poorly informed you are on the issues. When it comes to Israel, suddenly you develop figures but not in the case of South Korea or completely worthless and even harmful "allies" in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. It is a ten year deal, not a 2016 figure, and what you get is 100% of the money must be spent in the US with American Defense Contractors on American built weapon systems. Platforms like McDonnell Douglas F-15 first saw combat in tge Israeli Air Force, which scored the first kill and has the most kills piloting this aircraft. Israelis have combat demonstrated, for instance, how to use the TOW to effectively defeat mass Soviet armor attacks. Then there are the Israeli modifications, innovations on top of weeding out the flaws, bugs and other problems associated with such equipment. I've already highlighted two significant operations that stopped Saddam's drive in the 80s toward nuclear weapons and Assad's nearly successful attempt in 2007. It would be a waste of time bothering to educating you on Israel's unparalleled human intelligence networks throughout the Middle East that the CIA could only dream of..And that intelligence finds its way to the Oval Office. It was Maj. Gen. George J. Keegan Jr. Who said Israel was the single greatest source of US Intelligence and estimated the value at 5 CIAs. Israel's fleet of F-16s, F-15s, and soon to come F-35s provide enormous force projection and reduce the need for US deployment on the Mediterranean side. While you're waxing poetic about an Asian foothold, you sidestep a perfectly valuable foothold in the Middle East. Those "fuzzy" feeling reports may indicate never before experienced brain activity as a result of this interaction :D There you go again twisting my direct and disparaging remarks against the stupidity of US nation building in Iraq and Afghanistan into a "love" of the project. What's the point of stating a position that some imbecile can flip upside down? Do I need to write it in crayon to prevent your otherwise deliberate misrepresentation? As for the growth of Islamic State, you can thank Barack Hussein Obama for pulling the goalies, violating the War Powers Act to use the USAF to fly cover for al Qaeda Jihadis that traveled from Iraq to Libya to overthrow Gaddafi, and funneling weapons through Libya to Syria to arm and equip the same Jihadists in Syria..Obama completely revived al Qaeda and birthed Daesh in Syria. Ultimately, however, it is the teachings of the Qur'an and the Sunnah that inspire and guide such conduct. As for your dramatic poo hooing on America's infrastructure, rest assured that Obama outspent a decade of War and Nation building to pass an economic stimulus package and many politicians generously continue to earmark billions citing the same worthless depictions to justify it. So spare us and sober up. And no, I would say the Torah or the Bible are preferable to your ramblings and concoctions and you are attempting to reduce an enormous amount of information into a grossly simplistic (and false) "feud" to deny atrocities, persecutions and justify your utter indifference to anything beyond sitting in front of a Samsung television. You ought be forced to learn the proper definition of ad hominem rather than misuse it ad nauseam like a World of Warcraft spell instead of participating like an adult. Oy vey, could some remind him the Whabbis already have 100 billion head start and make sure the South Koreans ship him a tablet.
LuciferWept says2017-05-18T19:33:13.0593526Z
David...Firstly, reading comprehension matters. So, since I say Israel has provided nothing to the US, I am antisemitic, but because you say the same about South Korea, you're not racist? David, I think you're a racist. After all, this is your argument: "You don't like a country so you're a bigot against the people there". BTW, The Palestine Mandate (after WW1 and the break-up of the Ottoman Empire) gave that land to the Palestinians, and I admit that is not a natural state (a term I will use because one needs only read your arguments and see that academic and intellectual discourse is far beyond your grasp). However, displacing people who helped to overthrow an enemy in favor of people who had been targeted hardly seems fair. It seems like making more victims. Now, you say I deny the Holocaust by pointing out there are many more victims than just six million Jews. So, I must ask, David, Why do you hate Gypsies? What have the Romani people ever done to you? Why do you deny their suffering? Now as for my claim that you should support Sioux and Cherokee independence...This is not something I personally support, but since you are clearly intellectually challenged, I can see that the sarcasm went over your head. I was demanding consistency from you. Since you dismiss history (in which you are an expert in your own head), and believe that because there were ancient Jews in that area of the world, they belong there now, I was pointing out that you should also recognize that much of America was inhabited by other indigenous nations in antiquity (antiquity means ancient times, I know, it's a big word), you should also advocate for them as well. The truth is David, so many peoples have moved about throughout history (that thing you claim to know something about even though you barely understand grammar) that many of them are not where they used to be. Yes, Vespasian's campaign impacts the location of the Jews. It's called the Jewish Diaspora, and its something that people who actually read know about. Now, since you want to point out historical and archeological findings, fair enough. Let all the Jews live in Israel, but remember that Israel used to be part of the Persian Empire (again David, read a book, not propaganda), so Israel should be part of Iran. See how trying to use antiquity can only cause problems. Now, I don't know why you keep trying to make an argument about Israel about Wahhabism (that's how it's spelled David, English is the language of the US. Please learn it, for example, "nor" should follow neither, not just be thrown into a sentence because you once heard someone smarter than you, a seventh grader? Use it). Interestingly, we agree on Rules of Engagement, but I don't think you could gather a coherent argument against the ROE and SOPs in Afghanistan or Iraq. Now, we could have also used $38B to fight against Wahhabism, employing more bombs, tanks, and advanced technology against our opponents. But no, we gave it to Israel so they could do nothing for us. You keep trying to show me operations Israel did in their own favor. Show me where Israel has attacked one of our other enemies. You only show me where Israel conducts operations which benefit them (not a bad policy, perhaps the US should adopt it, but then again, we would stop supporting Israel). And indeed David, there is a huge problem with your consistency. I'd rather be intellectually lazy be an idiot like you. Kudos to Israel for such good propaganda, just feel sorry for them that their shills are stupid.
DavidMGold says2017-05-21T03:07:48.5388633Z
LuciferWept, reading comprehension does matter and so do the dozen examples such as you claiming a historical an ongoing reference to the Islamic onslaught against Hindus is an ad hominem attack. It segues perfectly into your Antisemitic hostility, which I enumerated in my last comment: a) the unfounded crackpot Jewish plot regarding the Iraq War, b) an insidious libel falsely blaming the Jewish state for being the sole source of intelligence on Saddam's WMD capability, c) claiming Jooos are the reason Bin Laden's al Qaeda terrorist organization carried out the 9/11 attack, and d) the persistent effort to minimize the Holocaust. All of which you fail to address choosing to read it as: "Israel does nothing." One would think you either just now joined the discussion or you were participating in some other conversation we're not privy to...Or your comprehension skills are appalling. Not only was I forced to repeat the fact that I clearly stated South Korea is an important American ally, but I'm confronted with you again downgrading my position so you can dishonestly imagine there's some sort of parity here. Not a chance and this just pathetic and downright petty. So finally you've begrudgingly began to acknowledge the Mandatory Period, but proceed to flat out lie about the fact that it established a Jewish National Homeland and Immanuel Kant (and others) referred to Jews as Palestinians. Interestingly enough, the Arabs told the British Peel Commission that the term 'Palestine' was a "Zionist" myth and no Arab adopted the term "Palestinian" prior to the Arab defeat in 1967 with Hamas' former Interior Minister recently explaining half of them are Egyptians and the other half of Saudi origin. There is no such thing as "natural state," but feel free double down on your pseudo-intellectual concoctions so long as you're aware of the fact you aren't fooling anyone here. As to displacing those who helped...Who do you refer? The Jewish Legion comprised of five battalions or do you refer to Bedouin raids T.E. Lawrence described as a "sideshow of a sideshow"? Beyond that it would seem you're struggling badly and no doubt getting creative with history. You're a Holocaust Denier for attempting to minimize the systematic extermination of the Jewish people by the Nazis by pointing to other crimes. I've covered this multiple times and you keep doubling down on it. The Romani people are Gypsies, but don't allow be to clear up your confusion here. The 220,000 to half a million victims doesn't mitigate the extermination of 6 million Jews or minimize the Holocaust. It doesn't add to your falsehood regarding the Independence of Israel either. You are not excused for blatant Antisemitism. Intellectually challenged, as you put it, would be your admission to introducing a demand that I adopt other positions that you knowingly admit are completely frivolous whereas I quickly dismissed them noting there's no similarity or parallel...Just pure desperation to pretend your still in a debate with me at this point. Far from dismissing history, which again we owe to your complete dishonesty despite there being a clear record in the above comments, I have continually demonstrated and pointed to your poor aptitude with regards to it and I'm well ahead of you...Try and keep up. So in indulging your sarcasm, which apparently doubles as a demand for "consistency," I am told here that I must adopt your strawman as my own position?!? I'll attempt again to remind you that the Jewish history and experience, is not only separate from the vanished Sioux of the American Northwest or the tiny remnants of Cherokee that haven't already been absorbed into the American population but is in no way similar, comparable or relevant. (FYI: You shouldn't use words like antiquity and draw attention to the fact that your being deliberately bombastic and I still consider you an blithering idiot) Next, as I've stated since the outset, the Roman Occupation doesn't exclude Jews from ever re-establishing a State in Eretz Yisrael, which you continually keep turning into strawman arguments about the movement of people, migration, and continue to obfuscate here. I'm amused rather than offended that an Anti-Semite is reduced to bringing up the Diaspora to a Zionist (Google is your friend) to make a ridiculous point (I know something you don't) to soothe a battered and very bruised ego and fail as you may to address why this would prohibit the return of the Jewish people to their homeland. The historicity and archeology were intended to demonstrate your ludicrous assertion that the Bible alone is the only basis for advocacy therefore exempting yourself from the burden of reasoning here. Israel existed as a United Kingdom, later a divided Kingdom (Samaria & Judah), and Judea under the Maccabees. For someone lacking even a remedial understanding of history and a penchant for making unfounded claims on a whim, it was laughable to read your suggestion about books. I would add you know quite a bit about propaganda having advanced more than one Jewish conspiracies in the comments section. There's no more a claim for the Ayatollah of Iran through Cyrus the Great's empire than Erdogan's as it pertains to the 400 years of Ottoman Turkish occupation. These are merely specious claims. Clearly you're unconcerned so long as it's not the Jewish people. Yes, Wahhabism was spelled incorrectly. Nor follows neither as a correlative pair but can be used alone as a conjunction. If you must insist on salvaging your ego (in a debate you should have conceded long ago), you shouldn't post gems such as: "Your nonsensical rant about apparantly I deny the Holocaust by pointing out there were MORE than just six million murdered..." Not exactly a spelling champion or master of grammar. There's nothing interesting about our agreement on Rules of Engagement and seeing as how I raised the issue to begin with, on what basis would you hurl an accusation that you doubt I could form a coherent argument? More projection! Leaping back to US Aid to Israel, which you falsely assumed was an annual figure, you neglect the tremendous amount money the USA spends on defense. You also (again and again) neglect US deployment to South Korea, the subsidies to bloated European welfare states, or virtually any other foreign aid. No, you imply that aid to an important Middle Eastern ally is hampering efforts to combat Wahhabism, which is an ideology that the US is not currently engaged. I would draw attention to Trump's visit to the epicenter of Wahhabism complete with an arms deal that exceeds $100 billion supplying the Saudis with all the weaponry you imagine the USA is lacking in this mythical battle. Also, I've covered what Israel provides the US while you opt to ignore that information to propagate a lie that it's nothing at all. I would remind you that military operations against Saddam's reactor and Assad's reactor (North Korea's great export) were very much in the interests of the United States and spared the American military the burden as well as the danger of either regime possessing nuclear weapons. Additionally, on the topic of alliances, you fault Israel for taking decisive action while excusing South Korea on allowing North Korea to go nuclear and requiring permanent US deployment, bases, etc. The irony is that North Korea was working with Syrian scientists and shipping all the components used to construct the covert reactor and Mossad (which you ignorantly dismiss based on Antisemitic resentment) performed admirably in uncovering the threat. So, as we can see here, you've demonstrated intellectual laziness and idiocy. It really boils down to Jew hatred as to how you can dismiss Israel eliminating a covert Syrian nuclear weapons program that was provided by North Korea, deride one of the greatest intelligence agencies in the world that detected a threat that the CIA missed, and overlook a failure of an ally that has required permanent US Military deployment for half the 20th Century (into the 21st) while failing to prevent North Korea to acquire nuclear capability or prevent proliferation that further threatens US interests and Allies abroad. How do you even imagine that you have an argument here? Antisemitism is a mental disease. You've all but given up on advancing your propaganda regarding Jewish plots and conspiracies. Finally, I have no pity or sympathy for Antisemitic morons and you will be confronted at every turn. Enjoy your Samsung products!
ShadowbannedAlready says2017-07-30T21:23:32.4796406Z
+1 on Saudi Arabia. They feed us oil, and they even let us pay them with children sex slaves instead of our hard-earned cash.
Uranium235 says2017-08-05T18:06:28.1040141Z
North Korea, duh.
notthatgirl says2017-08-23T13:34:58.5301520Z
We HATE trump in the uk, we'd only help the US deppending on the situation. Even if in the past we were very strong allies.

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