Who is the weaker sex?

Which is the 'weaker' sex: men or women?

  • Men

  • Women

52% 45 votes
48% 41 votes
  • Overall, yes. Emotionally, physically, and we can bear more pain. Women can survive longer in hostile conditions though.

  • Women have to deal with periods and pregnancy. We got through it without complaint. When men have a cold they stay home and complain. Women tough it out and move on with life.

  • ... Now I now more women are sexist then men....

    Posted by: hdjsHS
  • I wouldn't say that which sex is weaker but I rather say that men we tend to have more muscle mass and thicker, strong bones. Which is why that men are more effective in war than women although some women are capable to be stronger than men.

    Posted by: Odin19
  • I'm male, married and a father. I am certain physically stronger than my wife but in all other categories she is super human. Women wins hands down!!!

  • men and women are not equal. get that through your feminist heads women. men and women are equal politically, with the rights that they have, economically etc. however men and women are not naturally equal. men are the stronger, tougher of the two sexes, less mentally and emotionally unstable. are the fighters and warriors. but women are the caretakers, the ones that bare and care for the child, they are generally smarter than men. there are some things that men can do that women cant, and then there are some things that women can do that men cant. we are not equals in nature, we are companions. we each take our strengths and put them together to do the best we can in life

  • Men are just stronger all together. Generally speaking, that is.

  • I think that women are the weaker sex because men play more violent games such as rugby and fencing

  • I love it how half the people above thought that they were picking that men were better... but the idea of women and men are simply abstracts. Anyone can be strong or weak at any given moment, and I'm frankly sick of all the hasty generations about men and women.

    Posted by: Thilsa
  • Woman are mentally stronger than men. They have also gone through a trillion times more hardships that men. You make steel by melting it and hitting it and putting it through so much, but at the end you get something exceptionally strong. The same goes for women.

  • I'm male, but personally this question is over generalized and can't be determined simply by gender of a person.

    Posted by: ET65
  • On average, despite being male myself, I have to go with the women on this one. They're smarter, some are physically stronger than man anyway, there's no area men are really better in (an average women > an average man)

  • Even though I'm a male I still have to Admit that women are the stronger sex. They go through childbirth! That alone should be enough. But women on average are mentally stronger. Let's face it women are just better!

  • Men do not get their period , or have to give birth , or anything else a woman does .

  • Is this supposed to even be a question. Generally speaking, women are weaker than men. Well i guess is depends on your definition of "Weak". "Weak" is defined as the lack of power or strength to perform physically demanding tasks"... so with this definition i'd say yes, MEN are physically stronger than women. Women are the weaker sex. Right now they'll all disagree, until they have to drafted in the military, then they'll remind you how much stronger you are.

  • Even though women may have to go through more pain in their lives, men have much more brute strength than women. There is a reason men, both throughout human history and in nature have always been the hunters and warriors.

  • i have one point which can win this one time women are the stronger it may not be physically but emotionally and we bare physical pain way better than men the day a man can carry a child for 9 months then go through child birth without dying i will change my mind :)

  • it is just a fact that men are stronger

  • Physically women aren't as strong as men.

    Posted by: Dilara
  • Men are on average physically stronger. A football game of a team of the best female players will get destroyed by the best male team.

    Posted by: 1z3
  • They complain and are the phoniest

  • Men are much stronger than women. The top of my head only reaches to the middle of my husband's leg. And he's stronger than me. When he beats me up, I faint. When I (try) to beat him up, he's fine. When he punches my face, I go flying into the wall. He presses my shin? It hurts for days. I can't lift things he can. He's definitely better at everything than me!

    Posted by: Cjpd
  • As a woman, we are a weaker sex. This is why I make my husband lift heavy things for me, even if its groceries. Men are the stronger sex because they have the muscular capacity to carry heavier things and do tougher jobs in the world. You don't see women out in the battlefield running for miles while carrying heavy equipment for the military.

  • It’s natural, accept it.

  • Women of course. Because women go through pregnancy or something like that does not mean they are stronger. Men can tolerate pain more than women can. It is a fact. No need to be triggered over it.

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Eliteninja says2013-09-05T20:41:15.1879397-05:00
Neither is stronger.
IwinDebates says2013-10-21T20:27:22.5319298-05:00
We both have strength and weaknesses ....... Males do things females can't and Females do things males can't.
Neuro says2013-12-08T05:23:33.9786242-06:00
Abyteofbrain... Oh my, what logic you got there, you must win every argument... (Sarcasm)
hdjsHS says2013-12-18T15:42:19.0802419-06:00
Now I now more majority of women are sexist then men...
marina_gurg says2013-12-27T05:29:52.5933644-06:00
Men are only strong enough to hide their weakness.
maddieline15 says2014-04-03T18:54:01.5992775-05:00
This question depends on your definition of weak and also depends very much on the individual. Men are in general physically stronger genetically. But Mentally, Emotionally and In the Boardroom it is very much a question of an individuals self esteem, ability to speak, and ability to form clear arguments. I think everyone should stop discussing things like this and focus on the creation of an equal society.
vjb says2014-12-17T14:39:29.2961761-06:00
It doesnt matter
purplebird says2015-02-14T11:58:34.8133079-06:00
It does not matter at all.
josephv015 says2015-04-17T13:49:16.4925640-05:00
Women suck
Cjpd says2015-08-19T03:04:22.9099542Z
Men are much stronger than women!
PericIes says2015-08-20T01:34:16.4786844Z
First of all, I noticed that a lot of people who commented in favor of one sex voted for the opposite sex. Anyway, in terms of intellect, the genders are equal. In terms of physical strength, men are, in general, superior. In terms of emotional strength, it's arguable, because that really depends on what one would call emotional strength. Women are generally more prone to mood swings, but that's not necessarily weakness. Men are generally more stoic, but that's more of a cultural thing than a genetic thing. Not really sure about that one. In terms of pain tolerance, that depends, as well. When giving birth, female bodies produce natural painkillers that help them to endure the pain (though they're not 100% effective, of course), so I'd say that, at their maximum, women are generally more pain-resistant, although this doesn't last for very long. Outside of pregnancies I'm not really sure.
Donderpants says2015-08-20T05:02:57.4431601Z
Cjpd- So your husband beats you up, punches his face and deliberately causes you pain? Huh. That's really sad. And men are not definitely better at everything. Physical strength in a modern world really isn't terribly important. I guess it would be to you, if you have to defend yourself from him attacking you... But really, that doesn't sound right. Women generally destroy men in mental battles. Academically, the best men and best women are equal, but at the lower end boys really fail compared to the lower end with girls academically. On average, girls destroy boys academically- and nowadays, mental ability is what matters most. To say that someone is just flat out better than you at everything is wrong, if you're just basing it off physical ability. And any guy who from the sound of it with some frequency attacks you is not morally superior, that's for sure. Unless you have done something really bad, that is, then he may be morally superior, but still.
AnnonymousOpinionGiver2 says2018-05-18T11:25:36.2038701Z
Who cares? Everyone is different, and there are exceptions for everything.
chloesmh says2019-03-21T16:24:47.8587170Z
Wemon are obviously weaker. . . I am a girl myself.

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