Who is the WORST out of Jeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon

Posted by: TheBilbo1

  • Jeremy Corbyn

  • Nicola Sturgeon

20% 1 votes
80% 4 votes
  • Jeremy Corbyn is a bastard that is doing exactly what Hitler did - rallying young people, spreading hate against the jews

  • There's something fishy about her (its her name) Honestly though I love both of them, and I can't decide who I like more! I am not kidding, I love both of them.

  • She is a COW but that damnable Corbyn is no better. She is a trouble maker and he is just stupid. The reason I think she is the worst is that she is a threat to Britain because she wants Scottish independence but Corbyn will never be in power.

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ButterCatX says2016-03-07T19:24:35.8426127Z
Who are they?
BrendanD19 says2016-03-07T19:39:03.9691698Z
Sturgeon is leader of the Scottish national party Corbyn is leader of the Labour Party. Its British politics.
ButterCatX says2016-03-07T19:44:23.8397714Z

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