• Adolf Hitler

  • Joseph Stalin

41% 9 votes
59% 13 votes
  • He gassed millions of Jews, he's worse.

  • Hitler he's real not like satin

    Posted by: Tvirus
  • He killed less but he hated the jews

  • I defiantly say that Hitler and the Nazis were much worse. First of all On 20 Million people died during Stalin's rule while 60 million to 85 million people were killed during Hitler's rule. with that evidence in place, I believe that Hitler was much worse

  • 20 million people vs. 6 million. Stalin was worse

  • He did kill more innocents than Hitler. But I guess no one really cares since they were the same nationality. But still, Stalin is worse. Not to even mention the battle of Stalingrad. And I'm not sure how someone thinks Stalin was fake.

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