Who made the economy bad Barack Obama or George W. Bush

Posted by: Griffin1972-2002

Pick which other one you soul like to choose

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George W. Bush

George Walker Bush is an American politician and businessman who served as the 43rd President of the United States from 2001 to 2009, and the 46th Governor of Texas from 1995 to 2000. The eldest son of Barbara and George H. W. Bush, he was born in N... ew Haven, Connecticut. After graduating from Yale University in 1968 and Harvard Business School in 1975, Bush worked in oil businesses. He married Laura Welch in 1977 and ran unsuccessfully for the House of Representatives shortly thereafter. He later co-owned the Texas Rangers baseball team before defeating Ann Richards in the 1994 Texas gubernatorial election. Bush was elected president in 2000 after a close and controversial election, becoming the fourth president to be elected while receiving fewer popular votes nationwide than his opponent. Bush is the second president to have been the son of a former president, the first being John Quincy Adams. He is also the brother of Jeb Bush, former Governor of Florida.Eight months into Bush's first term as president, the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks occurred   more
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Barack Obama

Barack Hussein Obama II (/bəˈrɑːk huːˈseɪn oʊˈbɑːmə/; born August 4, 1961) is the 44th and current President of the United States. He is the first African American to hold the office. Obama served as a U.S. Senator representing the state of Illinois...  from January 2005 to November 2008, when he resigned following his victory in the 2008 presidential election.Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Obama is a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School, where he was the president of the Harvard Law Review. He was a community organizer in Chicago before earning his law degree. He worked as a civil rights attorney in Chicago and taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School from 1992 to 2004. He served three terms representing the 13th District in the Illinois Senate from 1997 to 2004   more
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travis18352 says2014-06-17T20:37:03.9930347-05:00
voxprojectus says2014-06-17T20:43:27.6473431-05:00
Under bush, the market had a nasty collapse bringing the DOW to 6507. Under Obama, the DOW has climbed to a new high, hitting a peak of 16,945.92 just THIS month on the 9th. Unemployment has dropped significantly under Obama and the GDP is up. By what metric could we possibly declare him less succesful economically?
Seido says2014-06-17T20:48:17.6357431-05:00
Reagan and Clinton were the presidents during the time in which important regulations for the banking industry were repealed. The two of them were in charge when we setup the process for the crash to happen (primarily Reagan). Bush was in charge when the crash was beginning to happen. He did nothing to repair the damages done by his predecessors, and only exacerbated the problem by initiating large wars, lowering taxes, and among some other legislation. Obama was the only one that actually tried to repair the problem, but he didn't do enough to fully fix it.
voxprojectus says2014-06-17T20:51:29.0789431-05:00
I'm sure Obama will make the big board with a vote eventually. Can't wait to hear that poor fool's justification.
ChosenWolff says2014-06-17T20:52:13.3985431-05:00
Timeline of the last presidents. Heimrich Reagan screws up the whole economy, which is evident through Bad Bush Sr. Then Clinton comes a lock, and the economy is the greatest ever, having changed EVERY reform under reagan, and then we get 8 years of Bush who tears down the perfect economic outlook into rubble, now were back to Obama, and the economy is slowly moving up.
ChosenWolff says2014-06-17T20:53:07.0270432-05:00
This isn't a debate. People who vote for Obama, don't actually know anything about macroeconomics in america.
ChosenWolff says2014-06-17T20:54:45.7113780-05:00
GDP growth was at NEGATIVE 4.5% under Bad Bush jr. It was low for his whole president. Not only have we recovered loss GDP under Obama, but it's growing at 3%. 1% above the international standard.
ChosenWolff says2014-06-17T21:00:06.9395945-05:00
Our idiot came. Defend yourself giraffe.
Skynet says2014-06-17T21:02:35.0700291-05:00
http://www.macrotrends.net/1377/u6-unemployment-rate This metric: the U6 counts total unemployed, not just those unemployed and looking. Obama is not trying to fix the problem. He creates electronic currency and pumps it into the stock market by buying stock. The currency was never worked for, and dillutes the value of the real dollars people actually work for. It will create a nasty correction when the flow stops, but it the meantime, investors at the mouth of the stream do very well. Obama: fair weather friend of Wall Street, enemy of Main Street.
ChosenWolff says2014-06-17T21:04:07.0326186-05:00
Seriously? U6 will move to U5 soon, which is pre recession levels. Currency has been pumped into the stock market, and that HELPS it.
ChosenWolff says2014-06-17T21:05:09.1895945-05:00
NASDAQ is sucking Obama's d!Ck for more focus on the stock market. They love him right now.
ChosenWolff says2014-06-17T21:08:38.8802146-05:00
There is NO debate. Our GDP dropped about 10%. 10 fvcking percent. Justify that.
Skynet says2014-06-17T21:32:59.1026421-05:00
ChosenWolff says2014-06-17T22:21:44.3479084-05:00
No, but I want to hear your justification on that vote.
Cold-Mind says2014-06-18T02:16:56.4246336-05:00
Neither. They are just puppets.
Haroush says2014-06-18T09:22:10.0840503-05:00
Bill Clinton did for the most part, but a little is to blame on Bush and Obama hasn't helped to make things better. As a matter in fact he has racked up more debt than Bush did in his two terms of office compared to just to just one term of Obama's terms.
Haroush says2014-06-18T09:24:29.1743916-05:00
I must say it is really odd how people don't have the ability to read and understand the national debt clock. Usdebtclock.Org
Haroush says2014-06-18T09:26:08.3085961-05:00
Not to mention, people have a hard time understanding who was ACTUALLY responsible for the 2007-2008 housing market crash.
Craighawley215 says2014-06-18T10:21:17.2850921-05:00
Started with Reagan and Clinton, Bush did nothing to improve the situation, and then Barack promised to cut the deficit in half, but as soon as he was elected, used failed Keynesian Economics to make the economy even worse
voxprojectus says2014-06-18T11:10:48.0993586-05:00
In what sense has Keynsian economics "failed"? We keep favoring Friedman's model.
Haroush says2014-06-18T12:19:06.1228766-05:00
Well if we are going to generalize as to whom or what is the main reason for all previous debt you will not get no definite answer. However, if we are more specific we can pin point areas in which each president has allegedly caused more debt to be racked up than others. In this case some presidents have racked up more debt than others. Bush simply wasn't paying attention to detail on his watch.
Griffin1972-2002 says2014-06-18T17:46:49.4688287-05:00
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andy15554 says2014-06-18T21:53:41.6569117-05:00
The sub prime crash was 100% the fault of Democrats. Obama was a community organizer, he has no experience or qualifications to run anything. He is a narcissistic incompetent moron. He has made everything worse and set records for the most in poverty EVER, the most on food stamps EVER, 800,000 quit looking for work last month alone. After 5 years Obama gives us -1% GDP growth. Liberal policies always end in failure.
debate_power says2014-06-19T12:57:47.3813169-05:00
How about just both of them, plus thousands of other people like them?
ben671176 says2014-06-19T16:05:23.2375909-05:00
Um, isn't the military the President's job and the economy is the Congress'?
debate_power says2014-06-20T15:41:44.9741929-05:00
Pretty much every corporation getting involved in politics now is ruining the economy.
vivia says2014-06-24T05:56:42.5868905-05:00
Both of them.
Haroush says2014-06-24T10:19:22.6300744-05:00
I tell you all Libertarians are doing is tearing the fundamental political system apart.
Haroush says2014-06-26T14:10:24.5665068-05:00
By the way, the economy has got worse, not better.
ChosenWolff says2014-06-26T14:10:51.3362784-05:00
Haroush says2014-06-26T14:15:05.9492003-05:00
Prove the economy has actually recovered.. There is still plenty of homes going up for sale and many people are still out of work. Furthermore, the economy has actually dropped 2.9% as stated in this Fox News Article... Http://www.Foxnews.Com/us/2014/06/25/economy-in-freefall-1q-revision-shows-shrinkage-2/
Haroush says2014-06-26T14:20:06.8420003-05:00
Why do you think Obama isn't as quick anymore to give himself credit for anything. Instead, he is more so apologizing each time he gives a speech to the American people saying," I know the economy isn't getting better fast enough for some of you folks and I am responsible for this."
ChosenWolff says2014-06-26T14:20:32.8784003-05:00
A couple things. What does "economy dropped 2%" mean? Fox news is the most biased source you could use btw. Here is the evidence the economy has recovered. The GDP is growing at a raw value of 3% (So no, your contention is wrong). We have more people in employment than before the crash. Investment is up 140%. Consumption rates have turned upwards by double. Commodity values skyrocketed. Several deficits have lowered greatly, including the rich to poor gap. Our credit rating is likely to upgrade again. Our debt is shrinking while we continue to grow. War removal costs will add upwards of a billion dollars out of the budget and back into the bank. Several social programs project wealth of about 20 billion (marijuana, ACA, among other things). Real Estate is pre crash. Most of the bankrupt countries are creating profit.
ChosenWolff says2014-06-26T14:21:17.5724003-05:00
Note, you just conceded by quoting him "...Economy isn't getting better FAST enough....."
ChosenWolff says2014-06-26T14:23:22.5288509-05:00
Sorry, error. War removal will add upwards of a HUNDRED billion dollars back into the budget.
Haroush says2014-06-26T14:28:36.5472484-05:00
And you conceded by believing his lie! Lol
ChosenWolff says2014-06-26T14:29:53.4569024-05:00
Are you going to respond to the proof I just gave you? Every sector of our economy is growing, and faster than the international developed standard.
Haroush says2014-06-26T14:32:15.7067677-05:00
Haroush says2014-06-26T14:33:11.3828108-05:00
I could give Jimmy Carter more credit than Barack Obama when it comes to the economy.
Haroush says2014-06-26T14:35:15.0213260-05:00
Read that article... The jobs he has created have for the most part been federal jobs or temporary jobs, not permanent jobs.
ChosenWolff says2014-06-26T14:36:40.9461260-05:00
Forbes is a economic commentary site. There are articles for and against him there. Notice, that in that article. There was not ONE contention that called obama as hurting the economy. He was criticized for slow growth. We have to ask ourselves. Is the guy who dropped our GDP 7% and broke several bubbles a better president than the one who's only crime is not being decisive enough in how our recovering nation grows? Please, I'm very curious on how anyone with common sense would think the Bush crash was worst than the Obama snail recovery. And bringing the stock market up 140% is no joke.
ChosenWolff says2014-06-26T14:37:54.4287951-05:00
The CBO, a federal organization who is often quoted against the minimum wage, states that federal jobs are the most beneficial to the economy in their 2014 employment and recovery report. They think the federal job openings are actually a good thing.
Haroush says2014-06-26T14:38:07.3299951-05:00
By the way, Fox News is definitely not a biased network. The owner of Fox News is a Neo-Con that is for amnesty and plenty of the people who work for fox news are liberal. It's just the ones who get the most attention on there are the Conservative hosts like Bill O'Reilly which I don't agree with on a lot of things.
ChosenWolff says2014-06-26T14:39:36.4303357-05:00
Fox news is certainly bias. They hardly ever have liberal related talks, and all their articles are conservative slanted. Good luck finding one person (besides another neo conservative loony) who thinks fox news is a reliable source (-.-)
Haroush says2014-06-26T14:46:34.7071130-05:00
What do you mean by "Liberal related talks.."?
numberwang says2014-06-26T14:46:36.2515130-05:00
Fox has a lot of news programing which mostly is okay. However, fox also has a lot opinion programming, like kelly file, or oriley, or hannity, or van sustren, or the five, any of those. Theyre all blatantly conservative opinion, its basically gop talking points. Saying that fox is middle of the road is really wrong when all of the popular fox programs are conservative opinion shows.
Haroush says2014-06-26T14:48:34.8539005-05:00
That's the thing though... Is it Fox News's fault the conservative shows are much more popular or is it the audience's fault?
ChosenWolff says2014-06-26T14:49:13.9475005-05:00
The fox news thing is a scape goat, so he can ignore my contentions
Haroush says2014-06-26T14:50:22.3067005-05:00
For example, I'd imagine you'd find the exact equal opposite on television stations such as MSNBC or CNN. Since you tend to have more liberals watch their news station in GENERAL the liberal talk show hosts get more views.
Haroush says2014-06-26T14:53:11.2903130-05:00
@Chosenwolf, I'd say the Housing Crisis was more so Bill Clinton's fault.
Haroush says2014-06-26T14:53:39.9743005-05:00
(Here we go with the blame game.) Lol
Haroush says2014-06-26T14:55:33.4019005-05:00
Honestly, the end of polarization starts with us. Meaning, what we are doing right now is helping to end polarization because of our toleration of each others views.
NeuroPopulist93 says2014-07-19T07:31:12.2962523-05:00
Both of them.

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