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vekoma123 says2014-05-11T17:21:24.2752528-05:00
I recognize, from something I heard from a female friend of mine, that men and women typically have different ways of thinking and reacting. Men tend to organize it is groups where every issue is addressed and formatted. Women tend to organize it in a web where they focus on things in a jumbled fashion to make a statement. I dunno, could be wrong, gender really shouldn't matter, but more about the characteristics of the person leading.
Jero says2014-05-11T18:44:04.7726531-05:00
Since Angela Merkel assumed office in 2005, France, the UK, Greece, Belgium and Italy had multiple leader changes. All men, constantly. Merkel? Winning. I'm not saying that all female leaders can be as strong as Angela Merkel (just look at Yingluck Shinawatra of Thailand, wow), but I don't believe that 'the opposite gender' is of any difference in political leadership. They're just not very, uhm, 'there'. On the other hand: Indonesia, South Korea, Germany, the UK, Israel, Brazil and India all had or have female leaders.
Jero says2014-05-11T18:47:08.9724197-05:00
Psychological differences may be there though, like vekoma123 says, but I don't think there is any judgmental difference.
miles-pro-libertate says2014-05-11T21:45:19.7257127-05:00
Lose-Lose... If I say Men, I'm a misogynist sexist pig, if I say anything else I'm biologically ignorant. I abstain.
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-05-11T21:46:49.9377290-05:00
Biologically ignorant?... How is saying that gender doesn't matter on such, which it doesn't, make you ignorant?

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