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vortux says2013-09-04T15:28:42.5938525-05:00
How about, say, individuals of any sex or gender, because that isn't relevant to how good of a superhero (or anything else) that person is?
ndfan says2013-11-16T16:29:44.8942190-06:00
Well, all the effective superheroes are male, but the hottest are female. Decisions, decisions..
DebateGirl221 says2013-11-17T08:14:50.7367126-06:00
Seriously???? Female superheroes are just as effective as male superheroes.
DebateGirl221 says2013-11-17T08:14:53.4043126-06:00
Seriously???? Female superheroes are just as effective as male superheroes.
NBAlstar says2013-11-29T19:52:05.5321169-06:00
Best super hero or SHEro
yay842 says2013-11-29T20:20:38.7743824-06:00
It was once referred as girl heroes as heroine
Neuro says2013-12-05T05:11:21.8317607-06:00
DebateGirl221 - Not... Exactly, you have a crazy cat lady (Catwoman), a woman who can hide from people (Invisible woman), a woman who can do yoga and cartwheels... (Black Widow) Whereas you have a guy who is over 6 foot, can fly, can shoot Lazars (pew pew), and can breathe in space (Soup'r man), You have a guy who is basically a ninja (Batman). And a guy who can run fast and stuff (Flash)
DebateGirl221 says2013-12-05T14:41:08.8573453-06:00
Actually: you have a woman capable of stunning a "ninja"-batman, granted, it's with her looks (Catwoman), a woman who can knock men out an beat them up without their knowledge of her presence (invisible woman), and a woman who has extensive military hand-to-hand combat skills (black widow). I'm not saying the men aren't effective, but the women are more than just pretty pictures. After all, it was black widow who snapped Hawkeye out of his hypnotic trance by Loki, and then went on to figure out how to close the portal before any of the men even thought about closing it (avengers live-action film).
kennethR says2014-09-19T12:14:19.6814190-05:00
Bretrocks12 says2015-12-05T22:43:01.3054718Z
SarahBell says2016-03-08T04:48:19.3601653Z
Men, in the majority, do slightly better. Yet a woman could do better than a man...Who knows how we come?
Dalil says2017-01-26T18:26:01.2452556Z
Men are superior than women in any field in the life if ask you how many women have been won novel's prize just 47 women opposite 824 for men and why women are so far in the fields invention and innovation

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