Who Played Better In The NBA Finals: Stephen Curry Or Lebron James?

Posted by: Natef_52

  • LeBron James

  • Stephen Curry

69% 20 votes
31% 9 votes
  • Is that even a question? LeBron played historically good while Curry had a down series by his standards.

  • Curry did what Curry does. Lebron, however, went the extra mile in filling in the gaps in his team. Without Love, Irving, and Mozgov (for a game), Lebron played the "Point-center" position most of the time. Lebron's versatility on the court makes him undoubtedly the better player in the NBA Finals.

  • From a person who doesn't like Lebron: he should've been the Finals MVP.

  • How can you say curry played better when Lebron set records and outscored him in all factors

  • jebron lames is BAE

  • Lebron James played amazing.I'm not saying I don't like Steph. In fact, I like them both the same. They are both really talented stars, but I thing Lebron played better then.

  • Gave glory to God after the victory along with his teammates and that is good playing! HALLELUJAH

    Posted by: Kylar
  • Any superstar can put up a bunch of triple doubles when you're playing for yourself: case-in-point -- telling the coach what to do. It takes a great superstar to listen to their coach and play for the team. At the end of the day, who has the ring? Case-In-Point: 2-4 Finals record in the finals. Lebron needed an all-star lineup to win the Championship both times. Jordan, Bryant; I think not, keep dreaming.

  • Stephen Curry worked very hard to get where he is now in his career. Being a 2015 MVP and receiving his first championship ring is just the beginning - more wonders to see. Stay tuned for 2016.

  • duh

    Posted by: Eli01
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MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-07-06T04:10:57.7518631-05:00
@IllinoisanLibertarian Curry b/c you can put up 1,000 pts, 735 rebounds and 2 assists but that doesn't make you the better player. The better player is the one who DOESN'T tell his coach what to do, uses his teammates properly, AND wins the game. Curry: Check, Check and Check Lebron: Fail, Fail and Fail

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