Who ruled the high school best: Cher Horowitz or Regina George?

  • Regina George

  • Cher Horowitz

80% 16 votes
20% 4 votes
  • Cher was a very sophisticated girl; she seemed like your typical kind of mean girl in high school, but, she was not. She was a bit like Gretchen Wieners, rich, insecure, and envied. She did not directly bully anyone in school, unlike Regina, who was even mean to her own friends. She was a good girl, just a bit misguided at some times. Most people think that only a mean girl would rule high school, but it's not true. Cher is loved by all, but Regina was feared so they would pretend to love her. There's a difference between ruling with fear and ruling with kindness.

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GymnasticsBlueLover says2015-10-03T18:16:02.9026744Z
Regina george is perf <3 but a biyatch

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