• Eminem

  • Drake

95% 18 votes
5% 1 votes
  • Eminem is one of the greatest rappers of our time. . . . Drake is good, But no one can spit fire like slim shady especially when it comes to diss tracks

  • I love M&M's! They are so good, I personally prefer just chocolate but I like them all!

  • Like both but only one can win

  • Drake just does not have the voice like Eminem, He can sing and rap. My belief is that drake can do neither

    Posted by: 238db
  • If I had to pick one song to listen too, I'd probably chose Drake's best song over Em's best just because he's got some catchy stuff. Fact is tho, Eminem's just a much better rapper and it's not even close.

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imranali586 says2019-10-20T04:05:46.9708140Z
Eminem voice quality is nice and when he is signing is will become breathless.

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