Who should be our next president

Posted by: GlitchDolphin

This will determine our next president of the universe

  • Thanos

  • Waluigi

38% 29 votes
62% 48 votes
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GlitchDolphin says2018-08-30T07:51:40.5212657Z
No normies allowed
asta says2018-08-30T14:13:41.6854378Z
Ben Shapiro or Mike Pence.
Our_Boat_is_Right says2018-09-01T03:23:00.3750995Z
Steven Crowder
Our_Boat_is_Right says2018-09-01T03:24:19.6386995Z
Although, Only 2024, Because Trump has proven he can get things done, So I would rather have a proven one, Even if you disagree with some things, Than taking a risk at a new president.

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