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MWonderWolf says2016-06-18T17:35:01.2034220Z
Why Britain?
MWonderWolf says2016-06-18T17:35:53.6672309Z
Might as well be the USA.
Vox_Veritas says2016-06-18T18:11:16.4156522Z
@MWonderWolf Because the U.S. has no valid claim to the Falklands. The U.K. does.
Vox_Veritas says2016-06-18T18:12:20.5484855Z
Furthermore, the U.K. obviously cares about the Falklands, considering that it fought a war with Argentina to maintain sovereignty over the islands.
Kreakin says2016-06-18T19:41:47.7675316Z
Neither answer is correct, it belongs to the inhabitants. They are under British protection.
Dburch111 says2016-06-19T16:27:59.5384267Z
I second Kreakin.
Gareth_BM says2016-06-21T12:32:04.8366837Z
Argentina has no rational claim over the island. They voted to remain British and even if they choose not to be they would independent not ruled by Argentina. I have heard people say that British control of the Falkland islands is imperialism. Tell me if no one lived there before we colonised it and the people living there want to remain under British protection how is that imperialism? Why does it being closer to Argentina matter? Should the US give up Hawaii and Alaska? No of course not that's stupid idea. If there was any imperialism involved it was when Argentina invaded the islands against the people who live there's will and claimed it for them selves. That is practically the definition of imperialism.

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