Who should ultimately have power over the Internet?

Posted by: Zylorarchy

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The Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

11 votes
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The International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

(A United Nations body)
2 votes

Each government in each country should control the internet for that country

(Like China does for the Chinese)
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Seido says2014-08-05T17:54:33.5090144-05:00
The internet really shouldn't be run for money, nor should it be controlled by corrupt governmental bodies. I'd be down with having it either be controlled by international bodies or by transparent governmental agencies with elected officials.
Zylorarchy says2014-08-05T18:00:14.3755694-05:00
Seido: The trouble is, having the internet controlled/managed by the ITU will grant greater governmental power over the internet regardless. Options 2 and 3 in this poll are honestly, closely linked. Although of course Option 2 will only grant some government influence unlike Option 3 which would enable complete control (which is what SOPA and ACTA really were). http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-switch/wp/2013/09/18/protecting-the-open-internet-may-require-defunding-the-itu-heres-how-to-do-it/ Honestly I believe those are actually provide the service are the best suited to managing the service.
Seido says2014-08-05T18:05:38.4590045-05:00
The issue with that is that most ISPs, particularly in the US, run the service strictly for money. They've formed an oligopoly to provide us with mediocre internet speeds at absurd prices, and have time and time again attempted to make more money by screwing over the consumer. At the very least, the ISPs need to be heavily regulated by governmental or intergovernmental agencies.
LogicalLunatic says2014-08-05T18:21:35.4627354-05:00
Not entirely accurate. Many Sites make their livelihood through companies paying them to allow advertisements on their Sites. Also, DDO loads rather quickly, and it is run by a corporation.
Seido says2014-08-05T19:11:06.9354407-05:00
Those corporations that are running advertisements on websites aren't the ISPs, nor do they control the internet. The issue is that ISPs, who provide us with our internet, often meet privately with other ISPs to reach agreements about prices. They set uniform prices between multiple different companies so that there is no competition and so that they can make the most amount of money for themselves while providing the least amount of internet possible to their customers.
Zylorarchy says2014-08-06T03:47:56.7986071-05:00
Seido: There probably should be greater regulation to limit this pricing power. But over the content of the internet itself (which is what this poll is more about), I believe power should lie with those who provide the service. The governments of the West really are pretty clueless when it comes to the internet.

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