Who should've been the Democratic nominee?

Posted by: brycef

Who would have destroyed Trump?

  • Bernie Sanders

  • Joe Biden

76% 16 votes
24% 5 votes
  • He got cheated out of the primary by the superdelegates. At least he cares about the individuals, unlike the rest of the democrats.

  • Yes. This socialist won the hearts of the liberals and was cheated out of the nomination.

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SamanthatheConservative says2016-12-07T04:04:25.8695476Z
Lol. It wouldn't matter, the libtards still would've lost.
kkkkatie126 says2016-12-07T04:11:12.3145530Z
In reply to SamanthatheConservative, we wouldn't have lost if you Cons wouldn't have rigged the election.
Corgi_Attack says2016-12-07T04:36:29.9858816Z
I doubt the democrats would have lost if they ran Biden. Hillary was probably one of the weakest candidates possible.
Corgi_Attack says2016-12-07T04:41:50.8643385Z

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