Who threw a better sales pitch: Billy Mays or the 'ShamWow Guy'?

Posted by: PetersSmith

One died from using their own products and the other was arrested.

  • Billy "Friggin" Mays

  • Offer "Vince Offer" Shlomi (ShamWow Guy)

69% 9 votes
31% 4 votes
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Atheist-Independent says2014-11-27T11:37:44.0564873-06:00
This is even harder than the Hitler vs. Stalin poll :P
dmussi12 says2014-11-27T13:13:40.9997988-06:00
Billy Mays had OxyClean, Mighty Putty, and the Big City Slider Station. I saw somewhere he pitched over 100 products but I'm not sure how many brands.

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