Who wants to debate abortion with me? (I'm pro choice)

Posted by: TheBigSplash

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Nope I'm pro choice too

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Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-03-27T18:18:16.3550313-05:00
Wanna know what I don't understand? Republican Females.
TheBigSplash says2014-03-27T18:20:23.3242452-05:00
@comrade_silly_otter why? My mom is one
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-03-27T18:26:54.3396735-05:00
Well, first of all. Republicans are rather sexist in a way, against abortion, against including birth control in Government Medical systems ( While Viagra is available to Men ). With the case of Abortion about Rape cases one Republican stated " Its the will of God " for a reason against abortions for rape. I can look more into the topic, but I am rather impatient right now ( RP friend gets on way to late.. )
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-03-27T18:44:20.8879821-05:00
Anyhow, how are you?
Macgreggor says2014-03-27T19:21:59.4860602-05:00
Comrade when you find out, would you please let me know? Thank you. Good luck Splash.
conservativelogic says2014-03-27T19:27:13.7823531-05:00
Pro-life people think that the anti-woman (and anti-man) party is the one that kills girls and boys in the womb.
conservativelogic says2014-03-27T19:28:32.9673825-05:00
One republican stated that, and he lost the election in a reliably red state. Most republicans aren't like that.
conservativelogic says2014-03-27T19:32:00.3724563-05:00
To counter your question, why would there be male democrats? Why would they support a party that want to tax them to pay for free abortions (which would only benefit women)? The reasons are 1)Not all dems support taxpayer-funded abortion (I made this unfair generalization just to show how yours sounded to me) 2) maybe they agree with democrats on all or most issues.
conservativelogic says2014-03-27T19:34:37.3106783-05:00
What I don't understand is white (and Asian) men who are democrats. Democrats support affirmative action which gives them the double-whammy of racial and gender-based discrimination against them.
ESocialBookworm says2014-03-27T20:59:24.8608544-05:00
I'm not Pro abortion but no sorry. No time
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-03-27T22:55:38.2849254-05:00
Conservative logic Not benefit them? It would benefit the youth of this country greatly for free abortions, allowing them to somewhat live off the minimum wage. Currently raising a family off minimum wage is almost impossible, and brings heavy stress to them and their relationships.
Requiem1776 says2014-03-27T23:26:18.2771027-05:00
Comrade_Silly_Otter probably also thinks that there should be a minimum wage increase and that the tax payers should pay for these "Free abortions" Contraception starts at the two parties (Mother and fathers) decision to have unprotected sex. If they are not prepared emotionally or financially to raise a child the responsible thing to do would be to have protected sex or better yet not fornicate in the first place. Its absolutely absurd to create a life due to negligence and to think that killing a child and expecting society and the government (paid for by the members of society) to bail you out is a viable option. Its time for people to grow up and take responsibility for their actions instead of whining and not doing anything while expecting someone else to take care of it for them.
Venusara says2014-03-28T06:09:24.9570206-05:00
My mom is a republican female too, she was raised Catholic and one of ten children. I still don't understand it myself as I am the polar opposite. :P @ conservative, you just said that abortions only benefit(affect) women, so why are you butting in on a woman's issue? Take a seat buddy. Let the women vote on this. If men were the ones getting pregnant, abortion would not even be an issue. Forced pregnancy is similar to a home invasion where in you invite a friend over for tea and then they proceed to go into your bedroom and pick the lock to your safe and it is legally sanctioned. No, an innocent invitation does not mean a lifelong sentence imo, humans now have measures of prevention. We have brains and we are expected to use them.
Macgreggor says2014-03-28T07:22:39.4427902-05:00
Vensura: hmmmm, good^
Venusara says2014-03-28T07:31:48.0515069-05:00
Well yes, I have lots of wisdom to share when given the chance ^^
FearTheBeard1 says2014-03-28T07:47:01.3281612-05:00
^^^Vomit......In my mouth! Wow this is a highly controversial topic for this website. I like it!
Venusara says2014-03-28T07:50:25.9858731-05:00
^^Lmao, seriously? Controversial topics are the name of the game buddy
FearTheBeard1 says2014-03-28T08:31:56.5180412-05:00
First most, i believe a women does have the first and last word on Abortion. As a man, whether it be a boyfriend, husband or one night stand you should man up and provide support, not try to fix a "problem". With that being said, I find it disturbing in today's world that there is such an obsession with being destructive. While there are several legitimate reasons the left can provide for Pro choice, and some decent moral issues the right can persuade for pro-life. As a father of 3, soon to be 4, i could not even imagine my life without my children. Before everyone turns their ray guns to blast and incinerate listen carefully please..... My father once gave me a piece of advice: "If you truly are grown up enough to have sexual relations, You are grown up enough to concede the unintentional or intentional consequences of intercourse". The caveat to my fathers words of wisdom provides that with Choices comes consequences. I think before we ever get to a place that attacks women for their CHOICE, we should facilitate a higher education of the consequences to sexual relationships. To the men i charge a challenge of being respectful to women by not seeking their bodies as a selfish lustful release but instead court them. To the women of our societies, have respect for your bodies and hold out for a man you truly love to share sexual relationships with. Put yourself in a parents shoes for a moment, what do you want for your son and daughters? I understand that it is a hard ideal to fathom as a 15 to 21 year old but parents should be holding their children to a higher standard and setting examples. A TRUE man does not objectify women, and if you truly love the woman or man you are with then compassion, empathy and support should be at top of list not "when can i get some more sex" attitude. These are principals that a human from every walk of life can embrace. I understand there are exigent circumstances such as rape followed by pregnancy. I will not divulge to much into the actions=consequences lecture but when as a society, community, nuclear family or one night stand are we going to step up to the plate and confront our decisions instead of throwing money or pushing problems off on others?

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