Who was Jesus?

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Was he made up or what the bible states he is?

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Son of God

Other prophets claimed his divinity, explaining his works were above human explanation. It clearly states it all throughout the bible, Islamic and Christian beliefs cannot coexist.
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Just a regular person

He was a good man, like many people today, he was someone who put his needs before others. However, there is no way of knowing or proving the miracles that he performed.
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There is no clear evidence of his existence. The earliest sources are just depictions of who he was.
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(Most likely Islamic perspective) In the bible there is evidence that Jesus predicted the coming of Muhammad. Many places in the bible it discusses the Muhammad, he had the prophecy that Jesus would appear among the Muslims in the last days.
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triangle.128k says2015-06-18T12:06:05.6826492-05:00
-Grabs popcorn and waits for flame war-
UtherPenguin says2015-06-18T12:17:53.1447584-05:00
Dis gon be gud
Najs says2015-06-18T13:56:03.9991794-05:00
The "Jesus" in Christianity is a myth that was made from the actual person named Yeshua bar Yosef (also Yahushua/Isa). Even the name "Jesus" is not the translation or transliteration of Yeshua, but of greek mythological orgins derived from the name Zeus. I could go into more detail, but that is another story. The correct transliterated name would be "Joshua". Self-proclaimed Apostle Paul, his Greek gentile followers, and all those who later followed made Yeshua into a god, he did not want to be made into a god. Yeshua was a Jewish prophet and a good man, yet he was only a man. There's too much overwhelming evidence that supports this, but who he truly was was discarded and they instead made him into a character of myth. Christians either lack to understand or refuse to understand the meaning of the jewish term "son of God" and "messiah". They stripped Yeshua of his Jewish roots and created their own meanings from previous pagan beliefs. In the Torah (old testament) the term "son of God" was used numerous of times for numerous of people, a title given to someone who is pious, a righteous person, &/or has a close relationship with God (YHWH). There are also passages of women who were called God's daughters. This does not mean literally, but symbolically. Messiah also does not mean to be a god, but comes from the Jewish word "mashiach" meaning "anointed one".

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