• Vlad the Impaler

  • Mother Teresa

67% 16 votes
33% 8 votes
  • Vlad lead his country out of slavery, stood up to bullies, created a robust disease prevention system, fixed the credit system, and enforced strong work ethics. I do not believe Mother Teresa was evil, but on the scales Vlad did far more good. Since all it takes for the victory of evil, is good people to do nothing; Vlad is therefore the less evil of the two.

    Posted by: Ragnar
  • I concur with my fellow Vlad 'lover'.

  • amen

    Posted by: murri
  • Mother Teresa never helped a single person, she gloated in their suffering. Vlad had political reasons for his actions as much of his debauchery was mythical.

    Posted by: Sagey
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Ragnar says2013-09-20T07:21:01.9828084-05:00
This was a really fun one to ponder.
Greematthew says2013-09-21T16:38:42.6532402-05:00
How was Mother Teresa evil?
PatriotPerson says2013-09-21T16:39:48.8180856-05:00
@Greematthew, it is a joke response to a comment someone made on a different poll.
henryajevans says2013-10-10T08:55:49.5715507-05:00
Mother Theresa was evil though.
henryajevans says2013-10-10T09:04:05.1697316-05:00

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