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  • Of course I'm pro American, but the Wehrmacht were superior in both training, and most weapon development. if they didn't fight a 2 front war and were not outnumbered, they could have defeated the American, British, or Russian armies

    Posted by: USN276
  • The Germans were superior in quality to any other participant in WW2. But If you ask me which of the two would beat the other however, I would go with the US. America had fresher troops, more supplies, and a larger force. Back then, quality could only take you so far.

  • This is kind of difficult to determine as both groups had their forces split (70% of germans on the Eastern Front and about half of the US army in the Pacific). Also the British were also on the same front as the Americans. Both sides had advanced weaponry (Standard issue M1 grands for US, STG 44s for the Germans). ultimately I would say the US would win but it would be a hard fight.

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ButterCatX says2015-09-27T15:18:53.0409513Z
This is difficult to answer because the US army was fresh when they were fighting the Germans, while the German army had already been fighting for years. Also the US was in 2 theaters and if it had all of it's forces in one theater would have over run the germans in only a few months. Germany had much better R&D as is evident by how close they were to discovering the Nuke and by inventing the jet(though too late to make a difference). The Americans on the other hand were better supplied and guaranteed good conditions for prisoners which caused many Germans to surrender. From Elite unit face off I would say that German had more men in their elite groups i.e. SS and Rommel's tanks, but the American Elite units were better trained i.e. Easy company. The germans had Better support weaponry (the Panzer and the Tiger tanks) but the Americans could make more Shermans and the Shermans were faster allowing them to deploy faster and take advantage of gaps as well as overwhelm the German forces. Both sides were superior in their own ways and would have made unstoppable allies, but ultimately America wins because they had more men and funding when it mattered.
ButterCatX says2015-09-27T15:36:42.8904934Z
I don't know all of the german military names so I thought it was just the army and answered accordingly. The Wehrmacht would win only becuase it is army, navy, and airforce vs. The equivalent of an army and airforce. Wehrmacht would just have to cut of supplies (easy when you have naval superiority and your enemies are across an ocean. Then starve them to death. Overall it is an unfair comparison.
Heterodox says2015-10-01T19:29:43.6372915Z
What do you mean superior?

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