Who was the better Doctor: the tenth or the eleventh?

Posted by: Zendayalover156

  • Tenth doctor

  • Eleventh doctor

80% 8 votes
20% 2 votes
  • David Tennant was the first doctor I knew about, so I may be bias, but to me, he 'is' The Doctor. I often found Matt Smith's performance to be imitative of Tennant, but a lot more childish, which I did not enjoy.

    Posted by: Taylur
  • I'm not sure about this really, I really loved them both. Since Matt is on the losing side, I'm supporting him

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Stalin_Mario says2014-02-22T20:59:54.8270824-06:00
Can't believe people actually like this show.
Anonymous says2014-02-22T21:29:41.5139714-06:00
My favorite doctor was the one who cured my heart cancer
Zendayalover156 says2014-02-22T22:02:10.5185703-06:00
And who was the doctor that's your favorite?
miles-pro-libertate says2014-02-23T00:01:35.9537979-06:00
If you ask this question, you obviously want the universe to be destroyed in the fiery aftermath of the events resulting from the attempts to answer this question.
Zendayalover156 says2014-02-23T17:46:26.7570475-06:00
Bad wolf

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