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  • Osama Bin Laden

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  • Are you kidding me. This isn't even a question. Yes, Osama pulled one insane terrorist attack, but Kony has done way worst. Forced 60,000 children into soldiers, turned 1000's of women into sex slaves, and burned tons of villages and massacred plenty of people. The people who put Osama in front of Kony on the most wanted were fools. Konys been doing this $hit since the 80's, and still hasn't been caught. I highly wonder why we cared about the interest specific middle eastern region (Bush was an oligarch), then Africa. Why does nobody care about Africa @ssholes?

  • One is a first world terrorist the other is a second/third world; but Kony is by far worse in my opinion.

  • What Jif said but without expletives

  • What Jif said but without the expletives

  • The LRA are far worse than Al-Queda.

  • Kony is, by far, a much more terrible person than Osama ever was.

  • He got the US to care about what was going on in Afghanistan by staging an attack on New York City itself, lets face it that is NOT an easy task to achieve.

  • On the basis that the only people who are really worried about Kony are the people in and around the area of Uganda, whereas the whole world seems to think Osama was the biggest threat at the time, thanks to the medias over-sensationalisation of his acts. Look at it this way, when was the last time you heard about ANY of the wars going on in Africa on the news?

  • When people think of Bin Ladin they just think of 9/11 but he i amore than that he is the head of the Al Qaeda which is in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kazakistan, Somalia, Egypt, Gaza, Iraq, and much more he should be a primary target to eliminate for all countries

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Jifpop09 says2014-03-30T02:58:25.0323107-05:00
Tom, your reasoning is terrible. Just because his actions are less televised doesn't make him any less dangerous. Just because western media does not care about Africa, does not make the problems non-existent. And yes, we do care about Kony, and nations all across the globe have sent failed expeditions to capture him, including the CIA. And no, he has not only attacked Uganda. The LRA once had the same membership as Al-Qaeda did, and its influence was all over northern and central Africa. Particularly his destruction in Sudan and the Congo. And I will repeat, sex slavery, genocide, and forced servitude are not acceptable whether they take place in Africa or Europe.
Tom.David says2014-03-30T03:09:39.8110284-05:00
Jifpop09 I'm not saying Kony isn't dangerous, obviously he is more dangerous than a dead man. The question is 'who was the better terrorist' and seen as Osama received much more media attention and much more people saw him as a threat (as I stated before) he was the 'better' terrorist, as the main goal is to generate terror, fear.
Jifpop09 says2014-03-30T03:16:29.9532915-05:00
You give attributes to a factor not even related to terrorism. While I admit Kony may not have got as much media attention, he certainly caused more lasting damage. Some of these villages, with 1000's of people are gone for ever. Not to mention the piles of children the LRA would often execute. They wouldn't even bother to bury them, instead just pile them up in a stack. They often had a practice of making the kids murder their parents. They couldn't use a gun though, as they were forced to kill them with a blunt object. Now you ask me who caused more terror, and I say Kony. And his goal wasn't to attract western attention, as that would only hinder his plans. How can you possibly say he was a worst terrorist?
Lewimcdoodle says2014-03-30T03:19:13.6866931-05:00
You guys would make an alright debate. :P
Jifpop09 says2014-03-30T03:23:47.1928603-05:00
I'm not sure I would bother arguing this, as there is no doubt in my mind, but if he wants to then maybe.
Jifpop09 says2014-03-30T03:37:19.8868411-05:00
ClassyDave, you are aware that Osama bin Llama is dead, right?
Yoshi says2014-03-30T03:37:58.2462575-05:00
Joseph Kony does far worse, it's pretty obvious, Osama Bin Laden get's his hate because the US goes spasm mode when it's directly inflicting with them, otherwise nobody talks about it. Joseph Kony is a great example of how the US doesn't care about what isn't hitting them directly.
Tom.David says2014-03-30T03:38:27.1633011-05:00
I'm sorry but I don't think your definition of terrorism matches mine. I don't think just because he did some truly terribly things makes him the worse terrorist, and it is arguable that Osama caused worse. But in my opinion, terrorism is the act of creating terror intentionally for some sort of gain, not as a by-product of ones actions. This is why I see Osama, or at least his representation by western media, as the 'better' terrorist. (I put better in apostrophes as it is your wording, not mine. I don't believe such negative actions should be given positive adjectives.)
Jifpop09 says2014-03-30T03:39:52.9482510-05:00
I would disagree. The US had multiple interventions in Africa until Operation Enduring Freedom, but after that, we suspended all African operations. We don't even have many bases in the region to effectively participate.
Jifpop09 says2014-03-30T03:41:52.4450170-05:00
Tom, you still fail to see the main idea. Osama failed in his goal, and caused no lasting political or economic damage to the world. A good terrorist like Kony, achieved his goals without sending a $hitstorm of foreign intervention. Did any of Osama's attacks do anything but backfire?
Tom.David says2014-03-30T03:42:18.4787847-05:00
@ClassyDave A dead person can not be the leader of anything, they're dead. Even if he was alive, unless his actions were negatively affecting all countries, I don't think he should be their 'primary target to eliminate'. Many country leaders have bigger problems affecting their people than some radical group in the middle east.
Tom.David says2014-03-30T03:49:09.4502467-05:00
@Jifpop09 I agree, he did not reach his goal. But the question wasn't who ultimately succeeded in their goal. Any terror caused by Kony were just by-products of his doings whereas many terrorist attacks done in the name of Al-Qaeda or Osama were done with the intent of generating terror, and I believe Osama generated more terror and reaction than Kony.
Jifpop09 says2014-03-30T03:52:39.1556695-05:00
I'm sorry, but I find your reasoning extremely foolish. The terrorists goal is to cause change through terror. While Kony caused actual change, Osama just caused more pain. Hence, Kony is the better terrorist. And I would argue the actual terror Kony's LRA inflicted, as they had the whole world trying to catch him for 20 years before finally giving up. He's stll third most wanted by interpol, even though he should be raised higher.
discomfiting says2014-03-30T03:59:59.0487899-05:00
The only reason people would say Osama is a "better' terrorist is because they're probably American and never heard of Kony or what he's done or realise how worse much worse Kony is.
Tom.David says2014-03-30T04:01:54.2830351-05:00
@Jifpop09 Yes, a terrorists goal is to cause change through terror. But 30,000 children weren't kidnapped just to cause terror, they were kidnapped so he could continue with his agenda of trying to install a new government in Uganda.
Jifpop09 says2014-03-30T04:02:01.7647690-05:00
I did put Osama up here for a reason though. He ran one of the biggest and most organized terrorist networks in history. I just find Toms reasoning absurd, that Kony is a bad terrorist as he went unnoticed by Western media.
Jifpop09 says2014-03-30T04:02:52.1263519-05:00
It was actually more around 66,000, which is a lot less then the children he killed.
Jifpop09 says2014-03-30T04:05:36.7645303-05:00
I should of also clarified, that most of the children in the LRA sex trade are children. The LRA's goal was to force the fundamentalist religion on the masses, and to kill those who oppose. Which they did? The Ugandan government can't take moral high ground either, as they also put children on the front lines.
SweetTea says2014-03-30T04:07:28.2592619-05:00
Better? Should we really flatter terrorists? Think about it.
SweetTea says2014-03-30T04:07:43.5736787-05:00
Better? Should we really flatter terrorists? Think about it.
Tom.David says2014-03-30T04:08:54.6766555-05:00
Ok,66,00 then. But the point is still the same, you said it yourself that Kony caused 'actual' change (Although I think they both caused change and I hope you can agree, I consider the act of going to war to be a change). He didn't cause that change by just making people scared. He caused change with a goal that had the side effect of causing fear. And the reason I think Osama is a more feared terrorist globally isn't because Kony wasn't noticed by the western media, but because Osama was and, as the media usually do, his acts were sensationalised.
Jifpop09 says2014-03-30T04:12:01.1362111-05:00
You still fail to see the base issue with your statement. The effect of the media had no effect on the goals of the terrorist. Kony realized this, He realized that having his actions publicized and over the media could only lead to harm, where Osama made that mistake. It only worked to Konys advantage, and no, Kony was all over European news for the longest time. Things just slow down after 30 years.
Tom.David says2014-03-30T04:22:06.8087439-05:00
It seems to me that you don't agree with me on what a terrorist is. But I see that the more we argue, the more distant and opposite our views become. I don't really see this argument as a wrong or right scenario, but more an opinion. Your opinion is that Kony is worse, mine is that Osama is worse. That said, I don't see the point in arguing anymore. It's been an interesting discussion.
Jifpop09 says2014-03-30T04:25:08.4972851-05:00
Oh, that makes it even worse. I thought we were arguing who was a better terrorist. If you feel Osama was more caused more harm then Kony, then that shows a complete lack of knowledge for Kony's actions, Ever watch Machine Gun Preacher?
Tom.David says2014-03-30T04:30:06.6223693-05:00
I guess I could have worded that better, I meant a better terrorist.
Jifpop09 says2014-03-30T04:37:28.8543011-05:00
Wow, I mean Kony killed a LOT more people then Osama. And usually in vicious ways. As I said Children were raped, militarized, and massacred in the hundreds. Not only that, but sometimes after raiding a village, they would forcibly mutilate everyone within it. Come on, lets be realistic, even Al-Qaeda had more values then this.
conservativelogic says2014-03-30T21:19:17.2822897-05:00
There is no such thing as a good terrorist.

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