Who was the coolest? JFK or Obama

Posted by: YouGotsToBe

Just because everyone thinks obama so cool.. What do you think?

  • John Franklin Kennedy

  • Barrack Obama

76% 22 votes
24% 7 votes
  • JFK is clearly way cooler than Obama the man nearly created an alliance with the USSR which would have ended the cold war and created a incredible alliance. Not to mention a lot of his ideas were great despite him being a little slow when it came to dealing with certain issues.

  • I have chosen Kennedy because while I may not agree with his personal life, I do think he was a good president. He legitimatley cared about our country whereas Obama has done nothing but erase our values and sell us out the highest bidder

    Posted by: kwells
  • Obama cool? Haha. I think he's more like a turd that won't flush.

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tonyrobinson says2016-09-20T15:00:30.4736185Z
JFK's middle name is Fitzgerald not Franklin!!! Try to gain some basic knowledge before posting next time.
Anonymous says2016-09-21T01:02:18.3630575Z
@tonyrobinson -No, no. This man is John Fitzgerald Kennedy's brother, John Franklin Kennedy. Technically, John F. Kennedy's brother's name is Franklin J. Kennedy, but, they liked to trick dear old dad. Sometimes. They would trick their father and mother.
YouGotsToBe says2016-09-22T11:46:35.3131562Z
Okay didn't realize that
tonyrobinson says2016-09-22T14:03:44.7269049Z
Notice ho those who picked Obama did not place any comments as the know they have no logical argument.

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